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Quality Medical Bags from Cardinal Bag Supplies

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has made it mandatory for all healthcare providers like hospitals, clinics, doctors to ensure that all health-related information of their customers remains confidential. Healthcare professionals like doctors, nurses often have to carry the medical records of their patients with them for analysis or consulting other professionals. Often the healthcare professional may not be able to carry the bag with him all the time. Hence they will require a quality medical bag which is HIPAA compliant so that there is no unauthorized access to the medical records of the patient.

In addition to patients who are prescribed various medications treat their ailments and other health problems, doctors and nurses also carry a number of medications with them like pain killers, sleeping pills, for treating cancer and pills to reduce stress, anxiety. Some of these medicines like those for cancer treatment are fairly expensive, while others should be consumed only in the specified amount. Hence it is necessary to keep these medicines secure in medication bags which are specifically designed for this purpose.

There are a wide variety of bags for storing and carrying the medication safely. The bags for prescription medications are larger in size at 12″ X 9″ since they also have a provision for storing the prescription. These bags are made from canvas and are priced at $22.99 for a single bag. The lockable bags for prescription and other medications are smaller at 10″ X 8″ and are also made from durable canvas. Since these bags are slightly smaller in size, they are also marginally cheaper at $21.99. These bags are designed to prevent unauthorized access of the medication like narcotic pain killers, diabetes, cancer.

Though the bags for medication may be locked, it is possible to tear the canvas bags to get access to the expensive medications. Hence medication safety bags are also available for the patient which are made from laminated nylon. These bags cannot be easily torn using the tools which are easily available. These bags are smaller in size, 10″ X 8″ and are cheaper at $21.99. Since the amount of medication which a patient may require will vary depending on their health problem, it is also possible to order custom made bags for carrying medication. The size of the bags varies from 9″ X 6″ and the customer can choose from a variety of materials.

Nurses often carry the health records and medicines for the patients who they are looking after. Hence HIPAA compliant medical bags for nurses are available in different sizes varying from 11″ X 15″ to 15″ X 19″. In addition to the health records in paper format, the bag can be also used to carry the bags with the patient medication. These bags are available in different materials like laminated nylon, 1000 denier nylon, and 14 oz canvas. Depending on their daily routine, the nurse can choose a suitable bag, the canvas can be washed more easily, while nylon is a tougher material.

Like nurses, doctors also carry the health records and medication for their patients, especially if they are visiting their patients in their homes or other places outside the clinic. Hence the doctors are interested in finding suitable medical bags for doctors who are HIPAA compliant. Cardinal Bag Supplies offers a wide range of bags that comply with HIPAA norms. These bags are available in a wide range of colors like blue, black, burgundy, red, orange, gold, grey, yellow, green, so the doctor can choose the bag in the color of his choice. The doctor can opt for either a web strap handle or a hard handle to carry the bag.

To keep the contents of the medication and medical bags secure, the buyer can choose from a variety of locking mechanisms when they order the bag. The bags can be ordered with conventional locks with keys or combination locks. Some of the bags are available in stock and will be dispatched one or two days after the order is placed. It will usually take between 10-14 days to manufacture custom made bags. Screen printing of company doctor, name and logo are also possible. Bulk discounts are available for larger orders of bags. For more details of the discounts available, healthcare professionals and others should contact Cardinal Bag supplies.

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