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If you want to buy tamper proof bags, you have come to the right place.

Protect your important items with products. Cardinal Bag Supplies bags are heavy duty and tamper resistant and are ideal for keeping high value sensitive documents, small tools or items, and legal documents. We also offer lockable bags, fire resistant bags, and medication bags that are HIPAA certified.

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Aside from tamper proof bags, we also offer many other products.

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Why Cardinal Bag Supplies?

Cardinal Bag Suppliers is a major supplier of tamper proof bags in the United States of America. The supplier is devoted to providing you with the best quality security bags with a single motive of protecting your most sensitive documents from any threat, be it fire, theft, or misplacement. We supply a variety of security locking bags which fit any industry. We also ensure we offer the best prices in the market without compromising our quality. Providing the best client services is also our model, and this we accomplish by, among other ways, ensuring that we have a safe shopping environment.

Our bags are very useful especially in areas requiring storage or transit of very sensitive documents. Among the areas in which our tamper proof bags provide utmost advantage include the following;

Banks And Other Financial Institutions
The main duty of banks and other financial institutions is protecting money as well as other precious items. It is due to this reason that such institutions are part of our major customers. When transporting money, banks require a safe and secure mode of storing the cash to minimize risks of theft which are usually common in such cases. This is where we as Cardinal Bags Suppliers intervene.

Criminal Investigation Officers And Police
The main function of our tamper-proof bags is security, hence it is normal for law enforcers to have an interest with them. Criminal investigation officers, as well as the police, use our tamper proof bags to store all kinds of evidence and in addition, they send the evidence securely to another location such as to forensic labs for more investigations.

Our tamper proof bags specifically used for this task are also referred to as courier bags. They are available in our stores in 3 layered, 5 layered and also more secure types. Since they are purchased by the state or the federal government, you can be assured the quality is never compromised.

E-commerce Companies
The companies which are involved in the online business are also among the best customers we have. This is because they need to protect their goods when they are transiting them to their customers.

They ensure there are reduced cases of theft and tampering of the products. Among some of our major customers is Amazon.

School Boards
Examinations are usually very sensitive since they act as standardized of those taking them. It has, therefore, become a prime factor for school boards to ensure that the exams get to the students in the best shape and also untampered with. This ensures that others do not get it first before the rest through illegal means.

Our tamper bags have been the solution school boards have been searching for. And since they began using our bags, the results are evident due to the reduction of the exam cheating cases.

We at Cardinal bags Suppliers have developed an online platform where we give our customers a direct as well as an inexpensive way to purchase the security proof bags in stock at all times and from anywhere. We have a variety of the bags suiting any kind of security use one may require.