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Our flexible-use security bags can store tools, first aid, medication supplies, camping, art supplies, and many others for easy and secure storage. These American crafted bags give you great value that will last you for many years to come.

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More Info About Cardinal Bag Supplies is the best place for shipping pouches.

Our mission: to bring you the high quality and tough fabric security bags for you–our customer–at low low prices. We have a deep commitment to give you the best client service and in bringing you the best products. Our online store is designed to provide our customers a safe and secure online experience to go through our product catalog. was created to give customers a direct and inexpensive way to purchase in stock security bags, made-by-order and customized security bags for use in mailing, banks, financial, school, medication, and other uses. We have many in stock security bags here on our online website, which are also featured on Ebay and Amazon. Our web store specializes in bulk made-by-order and custom bags. can handle up to thousands of security bags for medical, financial, church and school facilities throughout the nation.

If you can’t find the exact security bag you want just connect with us and we can manufacture any security bag based on your requirements. If you want your bag custom imprinted, we will do that for you! Many cases, the security bags can be imprinted for Free! We manufacture the security bags right here in the United States. This way you no longer have to wait for long delays or waste time waiting for shipping from out of the country.

Our largest growing bag offering is in HIPAA Safety compliant security bags for the medical community. We at Cardinal Bag Supplies know the value of privacy in your industry. Each bag in our custom or in stock locking security bags meet this HIPAA requirement.

The Fire Proof bags are becoming another best selling product for our clients. The selection of affordable fire resistant bags have been quite limited before this, but now we have expanded those choices. We give you hundreds of choices when you look at the colors, sizes materials, locks and other add ons for the fire resistant security bags. Our fire resistant bags are carried by The Military and Air-lines around the world. Think about how our fire resistant bags can protect your values in your business or home.

The team at looks forward to speaking with you on all of your security bag needs.