Combination Keyed Lock

Combination Keyed Lock – A New Lock Standard in the Security Bag Industry.

After years of customer feedback and design research, Cardinal Bag Supplies met the requests of customers for a more convenient lock design while maintaining a reliable security bag. Cardinal Bag Supplies developed a priority combination keyed lock design which is patented for the security bag industry. The combination keyed lock is the answer for heighten security bag needs from Business Managers and Supervisors charged with the responsibility for securing currency, confidential documents, safe storage and transportation. The multiple locking options allows for a well-planned and managed security protocol for a department or the whole company. The concern for lost or unauthorized duplication of keys is eliminated.

Combination Keyed Lock Features

  • Open lock with combination -3 digit variable code, or key
  • On-demand managed reset of combination 2 keys per lock
  • Keyed alike or keyed different
  • Heavy duty steel spring loaded coil mechanism

The success of our design within the business, governement and  medical community found more applications for residential customers. Many personal business, security and travel needs are satisfied with our combination keyed lock. The new lock design is used in securing prescription drugs and dangerous medications in homes and while traveling. Through our research and articles written by the CDC, the most common Emergency Room visit for small children in a home is the accidental ingestion of prescription medication. Many homes with teens and young adults have also found the need to secure certain prescription medications removing the temptations with easy access.

Combination Keyed Lock Benefits

  • Safety – work and home
  • Reliability – combination or keyed lock
  • Diversity – Multiple security protocol
  • Convenience – Lost or stolen keys no longer a worry

Video: Combination Lock Instructional Video for Security Bags

Instructions for Combination Lock

Opening and locking using combination

    • Turn the dials to the opening combination – The opening combination is preset at the factory to 0-0-0.
  • Turn the dial (knob) until the green dot is in alignment with dials on the combination. The lock will spring open in this position. The lock is free to rotate.
  • To lock, turn the dial (knob) counterclockwise until the red dot is in alignment with the dials on the combination. Align the lock with the zipper and the bag and press down until you hear a click.

Opening and locking with the key

  • To open, insert the key into the keyway of the lock. (Keyway will be aligned with the green dot)
  • Turn the key 90 degrees clockwise until the keyway is aligned with the red dot. The lock will spring open. The upper part of the lock is free to rotate away from the zipper.
  • To lock, turn the key 90 degrees counterclockwise until the keyway is aligned with the green dot. Remove the key.
  • Align the upper half of the lock to the bottom and press down until you hear a click


Setting and resetting the combination

  • Turn dials to factory 0-0-0 or current combination. Using a small slotted screwdriver, press in the reset button located on the barrel of the lock containing the dials, press in the reset button and turn the button 90 degrees clockwise (1/4 turn). The button will remain in this position.
  • Set the dials to the desired combination.
  • Using the slotted screwdriver, press in the reset button and turn counterclockwise 90 degrees to the original position. The lock has now been reset to the new combination.

Please email or call us if you have any questions or if you forget/lose your combination. We can arrange a factory reset of your lock.

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