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Tamper Proof Bags Suppliers

Protect your files from fire, theft and tampering with a versatile line of tamper proof bags. Cardinal Bag Supplies, one of the best tamper proof bag suppliers, give you a versatile use of security bags for storing, bills, checks and other sensitive documents. Check out our security tamper proof bags, or get a custom quote online.

Heavy Duty Tamper Proof Security Bags for Sale

Tamper proof bags are specially designed to facilitate the transfer or storing of sensitive documents such as bills, checks. legal documents and such. These bags are especially useful in areas where theft and tampering can be an issue. Some of tamper proof bags have a special lining that can even protect important documents from fire. Tamper proof bags can be used in several areas:

  • Banks and Financial Institutions- Tamper proof bags are often used for transferring notes and other important documents. These bags are carefully prepared for transit from one bank to another.
  • Police and Criminal Investigation- Tamper proof bags are also used to store and securely transfer evidence for examination. These types of bags are considered to be the most secured since these will be used to handle very sensitive items and documents.
  • Local Businesses that deals with Physical Products- Any business that deals with physical products can use tamper proof bags to make sure that their products are safe and secure during transit. There have been a lot of instances where products are switched and to avoid this tamper proof bags would come in handy.
  • School Boards- Schools use tamper proof bags to store and send examination papers and other legal documents. It is important to exercise some level of security when handling examination papers to protect it from being tampered.

Cardinal Bag Supplies: Tamper Proof Bag Supplier

Cardinal Bag Supplies, one of the leading tamper proof bag suppliers here in the US, is committed to provide you with the highest quality security bags to protect your sensitive documents from theft and fire. We have a wide range of security locking bag for every industry. Providing you with quality products at a good price, we are deeply committed to give you the best client service. Our products and our online store represents our company and we can assure our customers that we not only provide quality products but a safe environment for shopping as well. was created to give you a direct and inexpensive way of purchasing in stock security bags, made-by-order and customized bank bags, security bags, document bags and heavy-duty lockable bags. We have a lot of choices of in-store security bags which are not only featured in our online shop but also on Amazon and eBay. Our web store specializes in bulk made-to-order and custom bags. We can handle orders for hundreds to thousands of custom-made security bags for medical, financial, school and church institutions throughout the nation.

If you can’t find the right security bag you want you can just call or email us and we can manufacture any bag based on your specifications. If you want your security bag custom imprinted, we’ll do that for you! In most cases, we can imprint the bags for free! We produce the security bags right here in the United States. Minimize long waiting time or need to order out of the country.

Our largest growing security bag products are in HIPAA Safety compliant medical bags. We at recognize the value of privacy standards in your industry. 100% our custom or in stock lockable security bags meets the standards of the HIPAA requirement.

The Fire-Proof bags are fast growing to be another best selling product for our customers. The selection of affordable fire-resistant bags have been quite limited before, but now Cardinal Bag Supplies have greatly grown those available choices. We now offer hundreds of selections when you look at the sizes, colours, locks, materials and other add-ons for the fire-resistant security bags. Our bags are carried by Airlines and The Military around the world. Think about how our fire-resistant security bags can protect your values in your business or home.

The team at looks forward to discussing with your company about your security bag needs.