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Fire Resistant Document and Money Bags from Cardinal Bags Supplies

While it is possible to replace appliances and gadgets which are destroyed in a fire, it is far more difficult to replace important documents, checks, cash and other money if it destroyed in a fire. Hence many individuals and businesses are interested in looking for a reliable supplier of fire-resistant bags so that they can store their important legal, financial and personal documents, currency, coins, cheques, and other valuables. Retail businesses receive a cash payment, hence they require bags to store money overnight safely at their premises so that the risk of losses due to fire is minimized

All the bags from Cardinal bags which are designed to withstand fires are having a liner made from Silica Cloth which is fire resistant till a temperature of 2500 degree Fahrenheit, its ignition point. This means that the silica cloth will not catch fire until its ignition point is reached. The bags have been tested for fire resistance, and test results can be provided.

However, users of these bags should understand that during a fire, even if a fire resistant material is used, it will not prevent convection heating of the contents of the bag. During a fire most of the damage to the contents of the bag are likely to be caused by convection heating, even if the bag material will not catch fire. Typically the ignition point for paper is approximately 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and if the temperature inside the bag will reach this level due to convection heating, the paper will catch fire, even though the silica cloth does not catch fire. Hence a fire should always be doused at the earliest.

Most individuals have a number of important academic, personal, financial and legal documents, which may be required legally or for other reasons. Similarly, businesses also have a large number of important documents regarding the ownership of the business and assets owned. These documents may be sent from one place to another or stored overnight in the home or office. Hence both businesses and individuals are looking for a suitable fire resistant document bag for storing their important documents. Cardinal bags offers custom made document bags with a liner of silica cloth so that the documents are not damaged if the surroundings catch fire. The standard size of the document bag is 14″ X 11″, and there is a provision for locking the bag

Like important documents, it is usually difficult to get compensation for cash or checks which are lost due to fire. There are many retail businesses which accept cash payment from their customer, and they will often deposit the cash in the bank only once in a day or week. Hence they require a fire resistant money bag where they can store the cash, checks securely without the fear of damage due to fire. The money bag has a silica cloth liner, which will not catch fire till the ignition temperature of silica cloth is reached. This smallest size of the money bag is 11″ X 15″, and it is available in black, green, and red colors. Handles are provided for the bag so that it can be conveniently carried from one place to another.

If a larger amount of cash or documents have to be moved from one place to another, it is advisable to order fire resistant briefcase style bags. These bags are larger in size compared to the money or document bags, with the smallest size being 14″ X 11″ X 3″. If more legal or other documents have to be transported over longer distances by courier, it is advisable to order fire resistant courier bags made from ballistic nylon with a golden weave. These courier bags are available in various sizes starting from 7″ X 16″ X 18″ and have a plastic bottom for greater stability and durability. Both these bags have a handle, so that they can be easily carried.

All the bags with silica cloth can be custom made based on the requirement of the customer, in the size, color and outer material which they specify. It will take up to fourteen days, for Cardinal bags to manufacture the bags and send them to the customer. All the bags have a provision for locking for additional security. Bulk discounts are available for larger orders, and it is possible to screen print logos on these bags. So any organization or individual who wishes to keep their documents secure should order fire resistant bags from Cardinal Bag Supplies.

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