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Protect Your Cash Using a Money Bag with Lock

Locking Money Bag

Locking Money Bag OrangeIn today’s society, it is foolish business mistake, not to have some protection in place when working with cash or secured assets. Whether you are depositing funds, withdrawing funds, carrying valuable medical assets, valuable documents or more, security is a must. Modern technology is now available in the form of security packaging to make sure that your valuable asset makes it to its prescribed location.

Many advanced security solutions help to make this happen. In banks or retail establishments, there are security bags that help transfer money from point A to point B. Security measures, unfortunately, must be used to safeguard assets from theft or losses.

A secure financial environment in any workplace is vital to the bottom-line of a business. It is reported that a business can increase its profit margins by up to 90% if its assets were not a threat. Protecting business assets lessens insurance premiums and improves customer satisfaction.

Securing possessions is not a 100% fool-proof concept. However, it doesn’t have to be. An item must appear to be impenetrable and that is exactly what security bags do. Quality security bags will definitely make possible thefts a hard decision. A key/lock design is not supposed to make it easy for would-be crooks.

However, it is a smart decision to incorporate security measures that can include lockable security bags. We are a leading Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Compliance manufacturer. We feature a vast quality of security bags that are designed to keep your valuables secure.

Cardinal Bag Supplies is your go-to product. Our money bag with lock is just one of the many types that we provide. We also provide other lockable bag selections. This can include mail bags, zipper bags, and fire-resistant bags.

Additional security bag features a unique ability to carry secure medications, serve as courier bags, and other types of security bags for what fits your personal or business needs. With our private tamper evident seal technology, your chain of responsibility involving cash or documents are exceptionally safe.

As part of their business responsibilities, many businesses, organizations, and institutions must collect and retain personal property information. These businesses include retail, hospitals, prisons, schools, law enforcement, religious practices, food establishments, police departments, fire departments, the military, and many more.

No matter what size, color, shape, locks, and materials are requested, we can provide your customized needs. All of our locking bags include our own patented priority combination lock design. Some of the protective keyed designed bags include the following:

  • A 2-key per lock reset combination
  • A variable 3-digit “open lock” combination code or key
  • All keys are both keyed alike and differently.
  • Secure, heavy-duty steel spring-loaded coil technology
  • Unique combination lock features

To guide you through the lock/unlock/reset process, visit our website. We will show you how to operate a standard lock and a combination/keyed lock design.

Initially, a money bag with lock was only associated with banks, payroll businesses, and financial security. However, when you browse through our online catalog you will see how many business features are available.

We feature security key and/or combination bags depending on the type of business you are a part of. We are online with our own website and Facebook presence. In addition, you can also order our multi-functional security bags through E-Bay and Amazon.

Also, security bags are very useful in your home and in all practical aspects of your life. Our small, medium and large heavy-duty locking bags are used to protect sensitive documents, cash, and anything of value to you or your business.

Our non-lockable zippered bags are designed for home and business environments. They are very popular in use to carry receipts or checks from home and delivery activities. The standard 11 x 6 wallet size is also used by educational institutions to carry supplies and small amounts of currency and change.

The materials used in creating these amazing lock-inspired bags are some of the sturdiest in any industry. Let’s look at the material that goes into making our varied security bags:

  • Nylon – our bags are structured in laminated, basketweave, and Denier. Industrial vinyl material is strong, flexible, and very durable. They give their purpose longevity and versatility.
  • Canvas – A heavy-duty canvas fabric is a strong durable material. Canvas is available in various weights. As a durable and very sturdy fabric, it gives you long-lasting wear and tear.
  • Vinyl – our vinyl bags are known to be coated and expandable. Vinyl is an ultra-strong fabric. It is easy to keep clean, it is weather-proof, and it is resistant to solar rays and much more. Denier vinyl is fireproof.

All of our security bags for varied industry usage are resistant to tears, bumps, scratches, drops, and punctures. They are weather-resistant and very rugged. The handles fold down for easy hand comfort and storage. For the security bags featuring handles, we have designed the handles to be sturdy for weighted contents.

Cardinal has further enhanced the durability of its zippers on our locking bags. Our molded zippers are easy to open and close, but they are in no way flimsy. With their nylon enhanced fabric and specialized coating, they are resistant to water and fluids. Our security bags are built to safeguard and last.

To make them appealing, how about imprinting something special on them? How would you like to have your business logo imprinted on your bags or perhaps you have a specific design in mind? Whatever color or emblem you require for your bags, we are very happy to provide it. Also, for quantity, whether you need 10 or 1000, Cardinal can fulfill your order, not just once, but each time you need a quantity of bags.

If you don’t see what you need, contact us and we will make any bag to meet your special requirements. A satisfied customer is our main focus, while also keeping your assets protected. Let us help you with our security bags that will fit any type of business you have. Our Cardinal Bag Supplies Team is available via phone or fill out our online e-mail form.

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