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There’s an Opioid Crisis in the US

First things first, we need to get this out of the way; there’s an opioid crisis in the US. It may not be an easy or pleasant pill to swallow but we all know it’s the truth. More and more Americans are dying each and every day as a direct result of opioid abuse and opioid overdose. We have a serious issue on our hands here and if something serious is not done to combat the spiraling opioid epidemic, we risk addicting an entire generation of American children. We must keep our homes and families safe. This is the greatest country in the world, we cannot let the opioids win.

But what can be done to combat such a tragic and frightening plague? We could, of course, discuss the medical breakthroughs being made day after day, or the life-saving work being done by men and women on the front lines of the fight against the opioid crisis. But unless you are one of the paramedics, doctors, or nurses laying your life down each and every day to save the lives of young and vulnerable Americans there is little chance you will appreciate the gritty reality of the fight against addiction.

We don’t intend to drag you into the dark underbelly of the opioid plague that is currently killing our children. Instead, we want to focus on what the average American citizen can do to combat the effects of opioid abuse in the home and prevent the spread and development of this dangerous epidemic in the years to come.

More and more average citizens are doing everything they can to fight the opioid crisis in the US. They have witnessed the horrors that this troublesome plague brought upon family after family throughout the American heartland and they decided that enough was enough. Entire neighborhoods began carrying Narcan, the over the counter drug available to reverse the effects of opioid overdose. They began saving lives and they began to feel the optimistic tug of progress.

Finally, we saw the corrupt doctors, politicians, and industry-leaders brought to justice. We saw the evil men and women who condemned our society to this horrible addiction brought into the light and exposed for the horrible things they had done. But still, nothing changed. While we expected our small victories to lead, even if in the distant future, to permanent successes, we were disappointed time and time again.

Every victory in the war on drugs deserves ample celebration. Make no mistake though, we are losing. Every day sick and weak Americans are falling prey to an ever-growing epidemic slaughtering its way across the heart of this country. Opioids are still killing Americans and the opioid crisis is still very much in full swing.

While combating the daily ravages of the opioid crisis in the US with powerful antidotes like Narcan is a worthwhile and necessary endeavor, the question remains how can we as a society work to prevent the continuing spiral of drug abuse and addiction in our homes, schools, and communities?

Within one’s home, it is essential that all prescription and over the counter drugs are locked away, out of reach of any children or minors in the vicinity. While many have taken to slapping a standard padlock on any and every cabinet containing these harmful substances, we encourage our readers to take a more elegant approach.

Concerned mothers, fathers, daughters, and sons across the country asked for help and the fine men and women at Cardinal Bag Supplies have finally provided an answer. Rather than decorating your cabinets with an oversized, ugly padlock, those interested in preserving the safety and health of their family can now pick up a Lockable Opioids Medication Bags from the good people at Cardinal Bag Supplies.

Finally, there is a cheap, elegant, and efficient solution to the opioid crisis that continues to destroy homes and families across this great country. With the inexpensive, reliable Lockable Opioids Medication Bag you will never worry about the safety of your children in your very own home. The zipper-sealed pouch locks firmly and safely to prevent any would-be patients from reaching the harmful drugs within. The Lockable Opioids Medication Bag is stitched from tear-resistant material to keep out any who dare attempt to cut or rip this durable pouch. These high-quality pouches come in a range of sizes and colors, each and every one handcrafted here in the Midwest to ensure you get that American made quality that we all know and love.

The Cardinal Bag Supplies Lockable Opioids Medication Bag and a variety of other medication bags of all kinds are available now, online and in stores near you. Let’s get on the level, the politicians aren’t going to solve the opioid crisis in the US. They haven’t in the past five years and they won’t in the next five years. Isn’t it time you took the safety and health of your family into your own hands. Don’t end up another statistic, keep that family safe and sound.

Gone are the sleepless nights and the fever dreams, worrying about the safety and health of your family. There may be an opioid crisis in the US but with the Lockable Opioids Medication bag from Cardinal Bag Supplies, we know you, too, can feel safe and sound at home. Don’t just take our word for it. Head over to to check out what some customers are saying and be sure to pick yours up today!

Our hearts go out to the families of loved ones who have been lost to the terrible opioid crisis still killing its way across America to this day. We hope that in the years to come that we as a strong and resilient society can come together to stem the tide of death and undue the irreparable damage done to our society in the course of this painful epidemic. We will never forget the ones we lost, let them guide us into a bright and beautiful future.

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