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What is the Best Fireproof Bag?

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If you have valuable items, you’d understand why you need to have them protected from any accident – and accidents do occur. The worst thing that could happen to your documents is having them go up in flames. There’s usually not so much you can do to salvage what’s left of the damaged papers.

The best thing to do is get a fireproof bag to keep all your essential documents and valuables to avoid such a scenario. While there are many such bags on the market, you should invest in the best fire-resistant document bag.

The best proof document bag usually has enough space to house any documents you wish to protect from fire. You can keep more than just documents in some of these bags, especially if they’re big enough. These bags are made with materials that can withstand a very high-degree temperature before combustion, and they’ve also been tested for fire resistance.

Cardinal Bag Supplies produce some of the best fireproof bags you can ever come across. What’s more? All our bags are customized and made according to your taste after you place an order. So, how about we take a look at the best fire-resistant bag that we have to offer.

Fire Resistant Bank Bag

Not only will the fire-resistant bank bag keep your documents safe, but it will also protect other valuables, including your currency. Designed with a Silica liner, the bag will repel heat up to 2500F – more than enough protection for whatever you’ve kept inside your bank bag. For an affordable price, you get the best fireproof suitcase, but also a puncture and water-resistant bag that’s sure to last as long as you’d want.

Let’s not forget that a fire-resistant bank bag comes in four sizes, two fabrics, five lock types, and different colors. That means you can always make an order based on your preferences. Imagine having a fireproof bag that’s customized just for you.

The lock is one of our favorite features because it ensures that all your documents are secured from getting lost or stolen – let’s not forget that fire isn’t the only thing that can harm your documents and valuables.

Fire Resistant Briefcase Style Bags

Here’s another custom-made fireproof bag that’s sure to keep your valuables safe from fire, water, and any other damage. The briefcase-style bag is also lined with Silica that can resist heat to 2500F. You don’t want to know what would happen to these documents without owning one of these bags.

The outer shell of a fire-resistant briefcase-style bag has two roughed materials that you can choose from. And when it comes to security, this bag is one of the best! It features a metal zipper closure and a pin-locking zipper, so you can use a Master Lock to guarantee that nothing happens to your items.

Fire Resistant Courier Bags

If you know how essential courier bags are, you should understand why you need a fire-resistant courier bag. With this Silica lined bag, you can send valuable documents and items between buildings and offices without fear of anything getting burnt in case of a fire outbreak. Whatever you’ve kept in the secure bag will stay safe until you can retrieve them. Several tests have been done on this bag to ensure that it’s nothing but the best-fire-resistant bag for you.

There’s a heavy-duty pick-resistant metal zipper coupled with a built-in combination lock that screams nothing but safety and security. So your courier bag is not only safe from fire but also theft.

Fire Resistant Document Bag

Pick any of the five available sizes or several colors; you’re still going to get yourself a bag that’s tested and trusted to keep your documents safe from the damaging effects of a fire outbreak.

The bag is lightweight yet sturdy, rugged and durable, and water-resistant. The basketweave nylon material of that bag also protects it from punctures, tears, and abrasions. What more do you need in the best proof document bag?  Yes, we know. You want to be sure that your valuables can’t get lost or stolen. Don’t worry; we’ve got you! Our fire-resistant bags come with zipper pulls that work with padlocks or combination locks that will ensure that your documents stay right in the bag.


You deserve nothing but the best, and that includes the best fireproof bag. Thankfully, you don’t have to look too far to get what you want. Cardinal Bag Supplies has all you need in a fire-resistant bag and more.

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