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Benefits of Canvas Mail Bags

Locking Mail BagEntrepreneurs, small business owners and even large corporations, all use mailing bags for a variety of reasons. The most obvious reason why mail bags are used is the transportation of important  and confidential documents such as contracts, medical documents, letters, checks, property titles, etc. With all the options made available in the market for custom mailing bags, it’s important to keep a few details in mind while choosing the appropriate an mailing bag. Elements such as weather, fire and theft should be the top three main concerns to consider when choosing a custom mail bag. Mail bags are made of several types of materials that provide the proper solutions needed to keep important documents safe during the storage and transportation. Canvas offers a variety of benefits that make this durable material attractive for mail bags. Some benefits of canvas mail bags include durability, easy to clean and is environmentally friendly. Canvas mailing bags come in many sizes and offer additional security solutions, such as locks and easy to carry handles. Card holders make it easy to label bags that improves the efficiency of organizing several bags for storage and transportation. Business names, contents within the bag, dates, addresses and other important information are to see through the custom card holder. This avoids losing track of where certain mailing bags go, as well as losing track of what contents are in different bags. USPS, UPS and FedEx all rely on the many benefits that mail bags provide and keep track of the items they are shipping by using bags with card holders. New courier business owners should be aware of the types of materials that are available while looking for mail bags.

Canvas is a material that is made from cotton. It has a very high resistance against stress and is close to impossible to tear. A business environment involving the transportation of important documents is a rough environment. Custom mailing bags can be dropped, thrown, stepped on and scratched against sharp objects. If the proper material isn’t used for a rough environment, the contents within a mailing bag could be damaged, lost or just completely destroyed. During the transit, the outdoor elements impose a threat to important documents. Heavy rainstorms, high winds and snow storms all can potentially ruin documents during transit. Canvas is a material suited to withstand the outdoor elements. The secret behind the durability and strength of canvas is the weave. Plain canvas and duck canvas, the ladder being the tightest weave of the two. Although the weave provides a weather resistant solution to keep important documents safe, it is also breathable. The breathability of a mail bag may be important for circumstances that involved the storing of bags in a vehicle during hot days. A special type of wax can be applied to the canvas as well to further improve the durability and strength of canvas mailing bags.

Additional Benefits of Canvas Mail Bags

  • Affordability
  • Printing and Embroidering Options
  • Color Retention and Longevity
  • Natural material

Although a leather mail bag is also extremely durable, it may not be as affordable as custom mail bags made from canvas. Affordability is another reason why entrepreneurs, small business owners and large corporations use mail bags made of canvas. In fact, a lot of money can be saved when ordering in bulk, and canvas is one of the most affordable materials out there being used for mail bags that save people a lot of money without sacrificing quality.

Designing, labelling and writing on canvas is fairly simple when compared to other types of materials. This gives business owners an additional level of convenience for organizing and tracking, which is every important for transit businesses. Labeling or writing on a leather mail bag can be more expensive than it is for canvas. Photographs can also be imprinted easier on canvas material as well.

Over time, it is common for mail bags to experience wear, including fading colors. Canvas offers more color retention than other types of materials. Handling bags, dropping them and sun exposure, all can potentially fade the color custom mailing bags. Faded bags will make a business look unprofessional. Canvas also lasts longer than many other materials because of the type of weaves that are used to make this material. Waxing canvas will also increase the lifespan of mail bags.

Regulation Mailbag Gold Ballistic Weave Nylon

Natural materials are more sought after than ever because of the increasing environmental awareness. Materials such as canvas do not involve the use to toxic chemicals and are safe to handle. Other types of materials may cause irritation to the handler depending on what type of allergies a person has. Canvas does not off gas or harm work environments, neither does it flake, tear or produce any toxic elements. The production of canvas has shown to be safe on the environment.

Briefcase styled mailing bags comes equipped with easy to carry handles making it easy to transport. The bags are designed to hold a significant amount of weight without worrying about tearing or ripping open because of the durability of canvas. Locking bags made of canvas are also available to provide that extra layer of security to protect important and sensitive documents. Smaller bags such as the interoffice transit mail bag are designed for the easy and protective transit of letters and many other types of documents. Financial institutions such as banks often use interoffice transit bags to move documents from one office to another, keeping documents organized, safe and retained in a complete set. It’s important to go over the many options that are available for moving documents and storing them as well. The type of environment that documents will be moved and stored in plays a major role in what type of material should be used. The zipper, locking mechanism, size and style all offer the solutions that many types of business owners are looking for. Understanding the benefits of canvas will help people decide whether this durable and long-lasting material will be right for their specific needs. Be sure to go over the sizes and consider the savings associated with ordering in bulk.

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