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Cardinal Bag Supplies Mail Bags

Cardinal Bag Supplies is an online store that sells different types of quality bags directly to its customers. A bag can be described as a soft container made up of different flexible materials, with an opening at the top, that is used in carrying goods from one place to another. Materials used to make bags can include plastic, leather, clothing or even paper at times. Bags come in different sizes depending on their use. They can be large, medium or even small and in different colors.

At the Cardinal Bag Company, many different types of highest-quality bags are produced since 1955. They include bags with locks and a cardholder for carrying cash, medical bags, church bags and school bags. They are categorized as locking bags, mail bags, zipper bags, fire resistant bags, medication bags on their website, making it easier to shop.
Mailbags are also supplied at the Cardinal Bag Supplies. It refers to a type of bag that carries mainly different postal materials, in different categories depending on their destination while categorizing and classifying them accordingly. There are different types of mail bags like parcel bags, custom mailing bags and large mailing bags, all depending on its size and purpose. Parcel post being a basic service around the world currently, one will need to be equipped with parcel bags, which can be gotten from Cardinal Bag Supplies at a good price. Parcel bags are used in transporting parcels from one point to another. Parcel bags helps ensures the parcels are not ruined during transportation.
The locking mailbags will provide maximum security of your cash during mailing according to material they are made of, laminated nylon and locks. They are also spacious. It’s sized from 14″×18″ to 24″×36″ and available at a price of $ 89.99. It has a hard molded plastic made bottom to increase longevity. Other features include handles for grip to allow easy carrying around. Other mail bags in stock include;

1) Interoffice Transit Mailing Bag – $ 11.99
In sizes of 14″×11″ and 18″×14″ large. Materials used in making is 200 denier nylon or canvas making them strong, durable and safe. They are also featured with a card holder of a clear frame measuring 3.5″×5.5″ vertical.

2) Interoffice Transit Clear Transit Bag -$ 19.99
It’s main feature is the clear design that shows its contents. It’s ideal for letters, legal size mails, reports and files. It’s made up of heavy clear material and a brass grommet for zipper closure. It is reusable and can last for years.
3) Transit Mailing Bag -$ 12.99
This product is made to order. After ordering the item you are requested to give an allowance time of 10- 14 day for production. For sealing it has a brass grommet for zip. Size options range from 12″×9″ to 22″×19″. It’s also featured with a clear card holder.

4) An Interoffice Gusseted Mailbag -$ 19.99
It’s constructed with very heavy and durable material preventing important documents from damage. It ranges from different sizes from 14″×11″×3″ to 22″×16″×6″. Also has a card holder of a clear frame of 3.5″×5.5″ vertical and a variety of colors to choose.

5) The Regulation Mailbag with a Locking Security – $ 119.99
This product is also made to order. After ordering, you will give an allowance period of 10-14 days for production purposes. Can be made in sizes from 14″×18″ to 24″×37″ enabling one to choose according to their needs. It has a master lock #7. It’s also made with ballistic basket weave gold or 1000 denier colors making it water resistant.
Custom mailing bags refers to high quality mailing bags that have been printed on, mostly your companies logo to suit your business and product. Custom mailing bags come around with advantages such as; makes your package out standing and it gives a company a professional impression. On the other hand, Cardinal Bag Supplies also produce large mailing bags. This are used to transport large parcels from one place to another since they are very spacious. Large mailing bags are found at the Cardinal Bags Supplies at an affordable price.
Customers can buy mailing bags at Cardinal Bags Supplies from as cheap as $ 10 at different amazing colors. New customers are also offered shipping for free, when purchasing orders of $99 or more. Once you place an order, your bags are assembled and shipped within 10- 14 days. The old customers are gifted with bulk order discounts. This are reasons enough to make your purchases today. Locking bags have two keys or an option of a combo lock which does not require keys to unlock the bag. Who doesn’t want to benefit from that!? Ensure to make your orders now!
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