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Keep Your Valuables Safe From Flames With the Cardinal Bag Supplies Fireproof Bag!

Fire has a very high destructive capability. It can turn almost anything into cinders and ash. Therefore, it is highly dangerous to your property. Fire is especially incendiary to your documents. If you have some very important files, it is a very good idea to always store or transport them in Cardinal fireproof bags. These are special bags that can keep your documents safe from the flames. They can withstand very high temperatures without harming the contents in any way.

Here is more about these fire resistant bags.

Types of fire resistant bags that you can get from Cardinal Bag Supplies
This company can provide you with a wide range of fire resistant bags.
They include:
√ Fire resistant document bags
√ The fire resistant bank bag
√ The fire resistant briefcase style bag
√ Fire resistant courier bag

Fire Resistant Document Bags

These are bags which are designed to keep documents safe from fires and high temperatures. They are ideal for storing or transporting currency and other valuables. The Cardinal Bag Supplies fireproof document bag is made using a special composite material. The outer layer is made of a rough material while the inner one is a Silica liner. Together, these materials can resist heat up to 2500F. As a result, your valuables stay safe inside these bags.

In addition to resisting fire, this fireproof bag also provides ample security. Each bag has a pin locking zipper. This feature can comfortably accommodate a Master Lock. You can use a padlock or a combination lock to fasten the bag. In this way, your documents are kept safe. The fire resistant document bag also comes with an ID window.

The fireproof document bag is available in 5 sizes, 2 types of outer fabric and multiple colors. You can safely store office supplies, documents, files and reports inside this type of bag.

The Fire Resistant Bank Bag

Bank contents are always very special. For this reason, you need to transport them using a fire resistant bank bag. It is made using a composite material. On the outer side, it is made of resilient fabric while on the inner side, there is a Silica lining. These materials have a combined heat resistance level of 2500F.

The fire resistant bank bag has a riveted lock for complete protection of the contents. You can fasten this type of bag with a regular or a combination lock. It is available in 4 sizes, 2 different types of outer fabric, 5 types of locks and a collection of vivid colors. Furthermore, each fire resistant bank bag has an ID window. With this in hand, you can transport currency, bonds or documents safely.

The Fire Resistant Briefcase Style Bag

Designed to have a higher capacity than other fire resistant bags, this is the one to use if you’re transporting multiple items and need them to be safe from fire. The fire resistant briefcase style bag can be used in multiple applications. It is resistant to temperatures of up to 2500 degrees Fahrenheit due to a composite material. This fireproof bag is available in multiple colors. It also has a comprehensive locking mechanism. Thus, you can choose to fasten it with a padlock or a combination lock. Best of all, it has an ID window. As such, it is easily applicable in the office or laboratory.

Fire Resistant Courier Bag
Every once in a while, you need to transport documents from one place to another. The fire resistant courier bag can help you to do so while keeping the contents safe. This type of bag is made of special materials. The outer one is woven ballistic nylon. On the inner side, it has a Silica lining. These materials collaborate to keep the contents of this fire resistant courier bag safe at all temperatures. It has some Tuff Hide trim as well as a square bottom. These materials make sure that the fire resistant courier bag lasts for a long time. The bag can also be fastened using a compound security mechanism. It has a pick resistant metal zipper as well as a Velcro flap. This ensures that the contents are safe. The fire resistant courier bag is perfect for carrying mail, cash, checks and other types of valuables.

If you want to transport something safely, Cardinal Bag supplies fire resistant bags are perfect for the job. You can pick a fire resistant document, courier, bank or briefcase style bag to transport your special cargo. Visit their website today and purchase a fire resistant bag today!

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