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Cardinal Bags Supplies Locking Document Bags

A majority of the documents which are used are of letter or A4 size which is 8.5″ X 11″ or are of smaller size. Many documents are important as they are used for proof of ownership of valuable assets like property and for legal issues. Legally according to the provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) healthcare information of a person should remain confidential, and the healthcare provider should make a provision to ensure that the documents are stolen or illegally accessed. Hence health service providers and others are looking for high-quality Locking Document Bags which they can use to keep their documents secure.

Usually, the document bag will have a provision for attaching a lock to the zipper of the bag, to prevent unauthorized access to the document bag. The buyer can choose to have a conventional padlock with two keys per lock or a combination lock. If a padlock with keys is used, there is a possibility that the keys may be misplaced or lost, so increasingly buyers are opting for a document bag with a combination lock, though it is more expensive than the conventional padlock with keys. The user of the bag can set the code for the combination lock to any set of numbers, to unlock the bag whenever required.

If a buyer is ordering multiple bags for locking documents, he can specify whether the locks should all have the same code for unlocking or each combination lock has a different code. Alternately the buyer can opt for conventional padlocks, all with the same key, or with different keys without paying anything extra. There is a provision for bag locks, with different keys, and the same master key at a small additional cost. So depending on the level of security required for the documents, a suitable lock can be selected. If required a cardholder for identifying the bag can also be provided.

A large number of documents are generated for any patient who visits a doctor like the symptoms of the illness, diagnostic tests the patient has undergone, medicines prescribed and the progress of the patient. The health information of a patient is confidential and to prevent any leakage of the information, healthcare professionals like doctors, nurses and others are using locking document security hipaa bag. The documents will remain locked in the bag when they are not being used. If the patient or healthcare professional wishes to refer to the document, only then the bag will be unlocked.

To cater to most of the documents available, the standard document bag available is of size 11″ X 15″ . This size of bag is usually adequate to hold more than 180 sheets of A4 size documents or sheets. The standard size bags are made from laminated nylon which is tough and water repellent. In addition to semi-clear bags, which allow the user to identify the contents without opening them, the bags are available in different colors like red, burgundy, grey, black, forest green, teal navy and royal blue, purple, orange. The buyer can choose any color based on his preference.

The standard document bags made with laminated nylon are priced at $26.99 for a single bag, with volume discounts available for larger orders. For orders of 500 bags or more, the price is $19.99 each, and the buyer can contact Cardinal bags for better prices and other terms. For most orders, the bags are in stock and if the order will be placed before noon of that day, the bags will be shipped the same day. Customers are requested to review the features of the locks available and materials available before placing their order. If locking bags of different sizes and materials are required, customers can contact.

Organizations and individuals who are carrying larger documents can order security bags for documents with locking which are made to order. In this case, the buyer can choose a larger size 15″ X 19″ and also different kinds of materials like laminated nylon, stronger 1000 denier nylon or 14 oz canvas. These custom made bags can be made with either hard handles or web strap type handles so that they can be carried conveniently from one place to another. These bags which help the user comply to the HIPAA rules for privacy are custom manufactured, so they will be shipped 14-21 business days after placing the order. Hence organizations and individuals interested in purchasing secure document bags should check the bags offered by Cardinal Bag Supplies.

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