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How the Cardinal Lockable Medication Helps Overcome the Opioid Crisis!

Thousands of people are falling victim to drug abuse by using street drugs such as heroin. People have even gone further and now abuse medical grade pain medicine such as Morphine and Kadian. Furthermore, errant chemists are using extracts from the poppy plant to synthesize
drugs such as fentanyl in laboratories. These drugs are collectively known as opioids. They have terrible effects on abusers and have led to an opioid crisis. They can lead the abuser to engage in negative behaviour such as theft, drug sale and even murder just to get a fix. Thankfully, there are some medications which can be given to the opioid abuser to help them quit the habit. These medicines include Subutex, Naltrexone and Methadone. Such medicine can be stored or transported safely using the Cardinal Bags Supplies lockable medication bag.

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The opioid crisis and what we can do about it
Opioids are dangerous due to their neurological effects. They are essentially pain killing drugs. Therefore, they work directly on the opioid receptors in your brain. These drugs normally travel through your blood stream and eventually arrive at these receptors. The opioids cause your
brain to reduce its perception of pain. They also enhance the feeling of pleasure.

When administered in low doses at a hospital, opioids can reduce pain and make you feel sleepy. However, in the large doses implemented by drug abusers, opioids can slow down the heart rate and collapse the respiratory system. Seeing as these negative effects are accompanied by pleasure, opioids can easily cause death by overdose.

Studies have shown that there are more than 28,000 opioid overdoses every year. If a member of your family or a friend is addicted to opioids, there are medicines that they can use to eliminate the addiction. They are best stored or transported using the Cardinal Lockable Medication Bag.

A container for life saving medicine
Opioid addiction medicine is very sensitive. Therefore, it needs to be stored or transported securely. You can do this using the Cardinal Bags Supplies Lockable Medication Bag. This is a special bag which is designed to hold sensitive medication. The Cardinal Lockable Medication Bag has a compound lock. It utilizes both a zip tie and a padlock. Once you’ve secured this bag, the zipper cannot be moved unless the padlock is opened. This fully secures the opioid addiction medicine inside.

The Cardinal Lockable Medication Bag is made of laminated nylon. This material has 3-ply thickness. On its outer surface, the laminated nylon is coated with poly-vinyl. This makes the material water resistant. On the inner surface, it is coated with cotton twill. This prevents damage to the medicine stored inside. This composite material is strong and puncture resistant. By using a Cardinal Lockable Medication Bag, you can transport the opioid medicine to the patient while ensuring its integrity and effectiveness. This bag is available for only $9.99. If you buy it in bulk, you can enjoy an attractive discount and free imprints!

It is thoroughly worrying that thousands of people are losing their lives in an opioid crisis. Drugs such as heroin and fentanyl are causing deadly overdoses. Fortunately, these addictions can be cured with special medicine such as Methadone. It is best delivered in a Cardinal Lockable Medication Bag. Purchase one today and save lives!

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