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Do Fireproof Document Bags Actually Work?

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Do fireproof document bags actually work? The short answer is yes. Fireproof documents bags do work.

There are however many other factors to consider like what material is used in a fire-resistant bag? How much heat can the fire-resistant document storage bag withstand? How long it can resist the fire because actually catching on fire? What happens when this fire-resistant document storage bag gets wet?

What are Fireproof Bags Made Of?

Fireproof document bags are made of special materials which are design to resist heat and fire until it reaches a certain temperature. They are heat resistant from both inside and outside to provide better protection to the contents of the bag. It is important to note that the heat protection is temperature-based and the level of temperature a bag can withstand varies depending on the make the bag. A good quality fire-resistant bag is capable of protecting important documents and even cash, check, and mails and even small electronic devices in a fire. If you are keeping important document, it is imperative to protect them from fires by using a fireproof storage such as fireproof bags or fireproof safes.

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Get a Fireproof Bag That Can Withstand Extreme Temperatures

A typical house fire usually reaches temperatures of up to 1,500 degrees at it’s highest point. We recommend getting our fireproof document bags that can withstand temperatures of up to 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit. Cardinal Bags Fireproof bags are made silica cloth and it will not catch fire until it reaches 2,500 degrees which is way more than the average temperature of a regular building fire.

All the fire-resistant bags serve different purposes and have different properties. The best fire-resistant bag ensures premium protection for your document for. For added protection, make sure not to store fireproof document bags on a high location. Store it at the bottom shelf for better protection. Heat always goes up. In a fire, it is always hotter at the top. There’s a reason why firefighters recommend crawling to get out of the fire. It’s not just the smoke.

What are the Materials Used on a Fire-Resistant Bag?

Not all fire-resistant bags are made up of equal quality and material. Some are better than others and that is what makes the best fire-resistant bags stand out. Of course, the make-up and material play a big role in its cost.

Normally, the best fire-resistant bags are made up of fiberglass or silica. Fiberglass is the best insulator of temperature. Fiberglass and silica are preferable because they are flexible and easy to mold. These materials also durable and cost-effective.

Though, fiberglass alone is not enough in providing the finishing of the best fire-resistant bags. Fiberglass is very harsh on the hands and can cause allergic reactions. That is why fireproof document bags made of fiberglass are coated with an extra layer of silicone. Silicone is effective because it is flexible and durable. It helps to protect the skin and also provides water resistance to the fireproof bag.

The fireproof products manufacturing industry also saw the emergence of high-quality heat-resistant silica cloth. They are ideal and now a preferred choice for being easy to manufacture while also having exceptional fire-resistant properties. It has become the preferred choice for fireproof storage.

What Happens to Documents Inside a Fireproof Bag?

You are right to be concerned about your valuable items especially documents inside a fire-resistant document storage bag. Do note however does putting your documents and other valuables in a fireproof bag is not guaranteed protection. Most fireproof bags are designed to not burn even at extreme temperatures. However, convection heating still remains a problem as there is no technology present at this point to prevent convection heating from damaging the contents of a fireproof bag. For example, the ignition point for paper is 424 – 475 degrees F. Once the inside of the bag reaches this temperature, it will burn.

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Putting items printed on thermal paper inside a fireproof bag is moot as thermal paper is easily damaged even when little heat is applied to it. Receipts are almost always printed using thermal paper.

You Need Waterproofing Too

It is equally important for a good fire-resistant document storage bag to be waterproof. When the fire departments comes in to extinguish the fire, everything will get wet. This means everything will get wet. Documents can be damaged by when they get wet.

Fireproof document bags don’t need to be designed for underwater diving though. As long as they as they are sealed shut, water is not likely to get inside.

If you are looking for a good quality fireproof document bag, you can check out our selection of fireproof document bags and made-to-order fireproof document bags.

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