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High Quality Locking Mailbags from Cardinal Bag supplies

Most businesses are sending and receiving a large number of different kinds of items like letters, files, samples, legal correspondence, documents, samples. One of the main considerations while sending any item from one place to another is ensuring that it is not damaged during transit. Often the documents or items which are being mailed are important, so to ensure that no items are lost or tampered, many businesses are looking for locking mailbags. Depending on the type and number of items that are sent by mail, businesses and professionals can choose from a wide range of bags sold by Cardinal Bag Supplies.

The most inexpensive of the mailing bags available are the interoffice transit mailbags which are priced at only $11.99 for a standard bag. These bags are available in a standard size 14″ X 11″, though a larger size of 18″ X 14″ is also available. Since the items which are transported between offices are mainly paper documents, the bag is made from canvas, which is thick and durable. One of the main advantages of using this bag is that it is reusable, and can be used for many years. The bag is available in different colors like red, black, royal blue, grey so that businesses can choose the right color.

Another option which is available for the mail carrier bag is a transparent interoffice mailbag. In some cases, for postal and other mail, if the person handling the mail has any doubts about the content of the mailbag, they may open it. Hence using a vinyl clear mailbag will ensure that the contents of the bag are visible to anyone who wishes to check it. The bag has a brass grommet so that it can be closed using a zip closure. The bag is of size 15″ X 20″. The thick high-quality vinyl material used ensures that the bag can be used for many years, and is recommended for organizations dealing with papers.

In case more documents, papers, files or other items are being sent from one office to another, it is advisable to use a gusseted mailbag for transporting interoffice mail. The standard mailbag size is 14″ X 11″ X 3″ and larger sizes of thickness up to 6 inches are available. One of the advantages of using gusseted bags is that these bags will expand when the number of files or documents is more. The bag has a brass grommet for fixing locks if required for greater security. The buyer can choose a bag made from different materials, or colors according to their requirements.

The locking mailbag is specifically designed so that it can be used for securely transporting various valuables like cash, checks, important documents and other expensive items from one office to another, or to customers. The bag is designed so that it is difficult for an unauthorized person to open the bag. The bag is made from woven ballistic nylon which is thick and durable in golden or other color. The bottom of the bag is made from plastic molded material for additional security and durability. The bag also has handles so that it can be carried from one place to another easily

Depending on their specific requirement businesses can order custom mailing bags from Cardinal Bags, specifying the material, dimensions and other design features of the bag. For example, if they prefer to use a fashionable leather mailbag for transporting items which are soft, the buyer has to provide complete details of the bag design including the dimensions, type of closures like zips. The design team will review the design, and quote a price, and specify the delivery time. After the payment is made, usually the custom bag will be ready in a few weeks and will be sent to the mailing address specified.

For all the mailing bags, the customer can specify if he wants an address window where the address of the recipient or sender is specified. Bulk discounts are available for orders of more than three bags. For almost all the mailing bags available, the buyer can choose between different locking options like the locks with different keys, locks with the same keys, combination locks. All the bags are of high quality and Cardinal bags have a large number of satisfied customers. So any business or individual who is looking for high-quality mailbags should check the Cardinal Bag Supplies website to choose the bag they require.

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