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High Quality Zipper Bags from Cardinal Bag Supplies

Most businesses and individuals have to transport valuable items like checks, currency, bills, receipts, and other items from one place to another. It is important to ensure that these items are secure and do not get damaged in any way. If these items get wet or torn they may become invalid, hence businesses and individuals are interested in finding a supplier of a high-quality zipper bags which they can use for carrying their checks, currency and other items with them, without being damaged or distorted in any way, in all weather conditions.

The zipper storage bags can also be used for keeping the checks, currency notes, and other valuable papers securely in the drawer or shelf of the office for some time, ensuring that it is not damaged by insects or due to rough handling. The standard size of the zipper bag is designed to carry the bank checks securely and has a size of 11″ X 6″ . The zipper bag is designed as a check wallet and can be easily carried in the pocket or handbag. the wallet is made from expanded vinyl material, which can be easily cleaned if it becomes dirty due to grime, dust and other factors.

To ensure that the contents of the bag remain secure, it has a nylon closure. The material is durable and can be used for many months. Depending on their requirements, customers can order their check wallet zipper bags in different colors like black, blue, navy blue, red, green, burgundy, grey, green, orange, purple, pink, yellow. Customers can also order a clear vinyl bag at an additional cost of $0.5 if they wish to check the contents of the bag without opening it. The bag can be used for a wide range of applications like retail, delivery services, offices, schools, hotels and restaurants.

The standard check wallet is priced at $5.49. However, bulk discounts are available for larger orders, and the price will decrease to $1.99 each for orders of more than one thousand bags. The bags are made in the United States so users can be assured of the quality. On request, the company name or logo can be screen printed or embroidered to identify the bag easily. Since the bags are available in stock, they will be shipped within one or two days after the order is placed. Purchase orders are also accepted and organizations can contact for more details on these orders.

While the standard check wallet has been designed based on the size of the checks issued by the banks, many organizations and individuals are interested in purchasing zipper bags in non-standard sizes based on their specific requirements. Hence Cardinal Bag Supplies is also offering zipper bags that are made to order. While the basic features are similar to the standard check wallets, the buyer has more flexibility in choosing the size of the bags, material and can also opt for a cardholder for the address or other information for the user of the bag. These bags are also available in a large number of colors.

Most people prefer to use zipper bags for keeping their items secure since nothing will fall out, once the zip is closed. Hence the customized zipper bags are available in the standard size for the check wallet, 11″ X 6″ as well as other sizes. The smaller sizes are 5″ X 3″ , 10″ X 5″, 10.5″ X 5.5″ , while the larger sizes are 12″ X 8″ and 12″ X 9″ . Similarly, in addition to expanded vinyl, the custom made bags are available in other materials like canvas 10 oz, laminated nylon, clear vinyl, PVC polyester cloth, and 1000 denier nylon, so that the user can choose the bag material based on his budget and application.

While the price for the custom made standard bag is $6.99, the price will increase or decrease depending on the size of the bag, The smaller bags are cheaper while the larger bags are more expensive since more material is being used. Similarly, the PVC polyester material bags are cheaper than the expanded vinyl material bags, while the cost of bags from other materials is higher. Since these bags are custom made, they are usually dispatched 10 to 14 days after the order is placed. Bulk discounts are available and free screen printing is also offered for larger orders. For more details of the zipper bags available, please contact Cardinal Bag supplies.

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