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Medication Safety Bags from Cardinal Bag supplies

With advances in science, a large number of medicines have been developed to treat various medical conditions, especially for pain relief, treating insomnia, reducing stress and anxiety levels. These medicines affect the nervous system and can be addictive. The Doctors who are prescribing the medicine will usually specify the amount of medication the patient should take at a time, daily. If the patient will overdose on these medicines, or someone else consumes the medicines by mistake, it can cause serious illness and can be fatal in some cases. Hence many people are looking for suitable bags to keep their medication safe.

The medication safety bags are specifically designed for patients who wish to ensure that their medicines remain safe and no unauthorized person can access them. These bags are of size 10″ X 8″ and are made from laminated nylon which is very durable and cannot be easily torn. The bags are available in red and white colors and have a provision for a cardholder for address details or other information. This bag is highly recommended for narcotic pain, sleeping pills, cancer treatment medicines. The price of each bag is $21.99 and discounts are offered on bulk purchases

Another kind of medical safety bag is the prescription medication bag of size 12″ X 9″. Many medicines are only available on prescription since they can be dangerous for health if they are not consumed under medical supervision. Hence these prescription drugs and other items should be kept safely, while traveling, in offices and other places, so that they do not fall into the wrong hands. These bags are available in black, blue and red colors with multiple locking options. Each bag is priced at $22.99 and is lightweight so that it can be easily carried while traveling.

There are other medications for which a prescription may not be required, yet they are expensive and should not be misused. For these medicines, a lockable medication bag is available in size of 10″ X 8″. The bag is made from tear-proof tough canvas and is available in white color only. Since the bag is compact and lightweight, it can be easily carried while traveling, fitting into larger bags. There is a provision for including a cardholder at an additional cost. Since this medical bag is smaller than the prescription bag, it is also a dollar cheaper at $21.99.

The opioid crisis in the United States is receiving widespread coverage in the mainstream media and organization can now order medical bags which are specifically designed for the opioid crisis, to prevent unauthorized access of the opioids. These lockable bags are designed so that they are tamper-evident if anyone will cut the bag to steal the opioids, it is immediately noticeable. The bags have a zipper for closure. The minimum order quantity for the bags is one hundred, and custom printing of the company name and logo is also possible for larger orders.

Since the amount of medication for various ailments will vary, it is also possible for an organization or individual to order custom medication bags in the size, color, and material they require. The smallest bag is of size 9″ X 6″ while the largest bag is of size 14″ X 8″. The customer can choose between different materials like laminated nylon or 1000 denier nylon depending on the material strength required. These bags are available in many colors like blue, black, brown, burgundy, green, grey, red, purple, orange and yellow. The cost of the smallest bag is $9.99 and the price increases based on the dimensions of the bag.

Since all the medical bags are used mainly for safety purposes, to ensure that only authorized persons access the medicines and medical information, the locking mechanism used should be considered. There are five different locking mechanisms for the bags, three with a key, and two options for a combination lock. Many users prefer the combination lock since they do not have to worry, if the keys are lost. The bags which are available in stock will be shipped soon after the order is placed, while custom made bags will be shipped after ten days or more. Bulk discounts are available for larger orders, and customers should contact Cardinal Bag supplies for more information.

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