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Lockable Opioid Bags Help in Resolving Opioid Crisis

With advances in science, researchers and scientists are developing new medicines and drugs for treating various health problems and alleviating pain. Opioids are drugs that are developed to replicate the pain-relieving properties of opium which have been used for many centuries. However, increasingly the mainstream media in the United States is covering the opioid crisis extensively since millions of people in the country are abusing these drugs and getting addicted to them. This adversely affects their health and productivity and ruins them financially.

One of the reasons why the opioid crisis in America is severe is because of the large number of deaths that are caused. Statistical data indicates that more than forty thousand people die annually in the country because of opioid addiction. The opioids could be derived from natural substances like opium, morphine, and heroin, Alternately they may be produced synthetically in the laboratory like fetanyl, oxycodone, and hydrocodone. These opioids act on the central nervous system, intercepting and disrupting the signals of pain to the brain and also produce a high. Hence those who have used them are likely to get addicted.

While some opioids like heroin are illegal, other opioids may be prescribed by doctors for those who are suffering from acute pain caused by joint pain, cancer, and similar illness. In other cases, some people may obtain the opioids which are manufactured illegally and sold without a prescription. Those who would like to find out what is the opioid crisis should be aware that it is the crisis caused by opioid addiction since this adversely affects the productivity and health of the person addicted. The addiction is partly due to the increase in opioid prescriptions by doctors, while approximately doctors gave one hundred million prescriptions a few decades ago, this number has increased to three hundred million opioid prescriptions in the last few years.

Healthcare experts have noted the adverse effects of opioids, and the large number of deaths which are caused by the opioids crisis as well as the loss of productivity. Hence measures are being implemented to resolve the opioids crisis. One of the measures is by educating doctors so that they do not prescribe opioids to their patients unless it is necessary. A person who has never experienced opioids is less likely to get addicted to it. Another solution is making it more difficult for people to get opioids, especially without a prescription.

Realizing the gravity of the solution, Cardinal Bags has developed lockable opioids medication bags as its opioid crisis solutions. Statistics indicate that the output of the male workforce is reduced by 20% due to the Opioid crisis and the financial cost of the crisis was $504 billion in 2015. One of the best ways to prevent misuse of opioids is by ensuring that no unauthorized persons can access the opioids. Hence high-quality medication bags have been developed for the opioids, which can be used by doctors, nurses, patients, and other healthcare professionals.

These medication bags are available in the sizes 8″ X 10″ and 9″ X 12″ so that the user can choose a bag of the right size depending on the amount of medication required. The bags are available in different materials like laminated nylon, 14 oz canvas, 1000 Denier. Customers can choose from different colors like white, red, black, blue, burgundy, green, grey and orange. For security, customers can choose a padlock or combination lock for locking the medication bag. For each type of lock, the keys for all the locks supplied can be the same or different depending on the option chosen when ordering.

The minimum order quantity for the medication bags is one hundred, and the price for each bag is $18.99. Additional discounts are offered for larger orders of medication bags. The customer will be informed about the delivery schedule after placing the order. Combination locks are preferred by those who do not wish to carry keys with them. Free cards, media inserts are offered for larger orders. Using these lockable bags for opioids will greatly reduce the possibility of these expensive opioids falling into the wrong hands. Hence hospitals, pharmacies and other organizations dealing with opioids should contact Cardinal Bag supplies and place their order at the earliest.

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