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A Prescription Medication Bag Prevents Misuse of Prescription Drugs

Increasingly people of all ages are prescribed some prescription drugs by the doctors they consult to treat their various ailments. Some of the prescription drugs are narcotic pain killers, sleeping pills, anti-anxiety medicines, cancer treatment drugs, insulin in syringes for diabetes patients. Many of these medicines are extremely expensive and can cause severe health problems if they are misused. Hence many people who are prescribed medications are looking for a suitable well designed prescription medication bag so that they can ensure that the medications prescribed for them are not stolen and no unauthorized person can access them.

In addition to ensuring that the medication itself remains secure, the patient can also store the prescription of the doctor in the medication bag. This ensures that the prescription is not misplaced and also remains confidential. Most prescription medicines should be consumed only in small amounts and can be fatal if consumed in large quantities. The medication bag is specially designed for patients who have small children or teenagers in their house. These children or teenagers are usually very curious, so if they find a medication bag that they can easily open, it is possible that they may try to taste the medicines and result in severe health problems.

The lockable medication bag for prescription medicines has been designed after a lot of research on the prescription medications which people carry. The medication bag is of size 12″ X 9″ X 1″ so that it can accommodate different types of medications like prescription bottles, trays with the daily dosage. These bags can also accommodate other over the counter medicines which the patient may use. The bags are small in size and light in weight so that they can be easily carried while traveling, to the workplace or for storage at home. These bags have a handle for carrying it easily from one place to another.

The bags are made from canvas material which is sturdy, durable and can be washed easily. The bags are available in three different colors, black, red and blue. The black bags are preferred by some since the dirt is not easily visible. Many carry these medication bags in their suitcases and larger bags. In this case, the red or blue medication bags are preferred, since it is easy to identify them instead of groping in the bag for the medicine. The bags have a zipper so they can be easily opened or closed. There is a provision for a label on the bag, to identify the user or provide additional information.

One of the reasons why this specific medication bag is very popular is the large variety of locking options for the bag to keep the medications secure. For conventional padlock type locks with keys, the user can choose between three different options, all the locks supplied with the bags for a specific order will have the same key, the locks can have different keys, or the locks can be supplied different keys with the same master key at an additional cost for greater convenience for the user. Usually, two keys are supplied for each lock.

Many customers do not wish to carry keys for their medication bags since they may be misplaced or lost. Hence they can opt for a combination lock at an additional cost. For the combination lock, they can have all locks keyed similarly or locks with different keys. Each bag contains a number of transparent pouches, where the user can store different kinds of medication and other medical supplies like syringes. Lycra straps are also provided in the medication bags so that the medication or bottles can be secured so that they do not move around while traveling.

The price for one standard medication bag for carrying prescriptions is $22.99. Bulk discounts are offered for larger orders of five or more prescription bags. For orders of more than one hundred bags, the price reduces to $18.99 for each bag. These bags are available in stock, and will usually be shipped one or two business days after the order has been placed. At present no customization or printing of logo is possible on the bag. These bags are highly recommended for organizations like hospitals, clinics that prescribe expensive medications for their patients. For more details, individuals and organizations should contact Cardinal Bag Supplies.

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