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Different Security Bags from Cardinal Bag Supplies

Often valuable items like cash, currency, important documents, items have to be transported from one place to another. These items are fairly expensive and often irreplaceable if they are damaged or lost. Hence it is important to ensure that they are transported in secure bags that cannot be torn or damaged easily. Depending on the items which are being transported, the security bags can be classified into locking mail bags for documents, files, mail, locking courier bags for larger items and money bags for transporting cash between offices, branches, and within a large company.

Most businesses are sending mail to their branches and others. This mail often contains valuable business information like customer data or business plans. it also contains checks and documents. Hence it is important that this mail remains secure, so businesses can now order lockable mail bags for their business. These mailbags are available in different sizes starting from 14″ X 18″ to 24″ X 36″ and the business can choose the right bag based on the amount of mail which is sent. The bags are made from golden woven basket ballistic nylon or 1000 denier nylon in different colors. The bottom of the bag is made from molded plastic for durability and security and price starts from $89.99.

In addition to the standard mailbag, the regulation mailbag is also available with a provision for locking for additional security. This bag is made from golden woven ballistic nylon or 1000-denier nylon in different colors which are waterproof. The bag has a rawhide belt which passes through the hoops of the bag and can be secured with a padlock. The flat bottom is made from hard molded plastic to keep the bag secure. The bag is available in different sizes ranging from 14″ X 18″ to 24″ X 37″. The smallest size is priced at $119.99 and larger sizes of the bag cost more.

Often businesses and individuals are carrying valuable items from one place to another in addition to documents and cash or using the services of a courier. These items are larger in size so they require secure travel bags that can be used to carry these items without being tampered. Hence increasingly business and individuals are using the lockable courier bags from Cardinal bags which can be used for travel since they are larger in size. The standard bags of size 18″ X 18″ X 8″ are in stock, and have a tough hide trim, so that they can be used for a longer period of time. These bags are priced at $74.99.

In addition to the standard size, the bags are also available in smaller sizes like 16″ X 18″ X 7″ and larger sizes like 24″ X 28″ X 12″ and these bags have a higher price since more material is used. These bags are made from 1000-denier nylon and are available in different colors like black, red, green, blue, yellow, burgundy, teal, gray and gold. All these bags have a webbed handle so that the user can carry the bag comfortably for a long time without any problem. There is a provision for having a cardholder with the information of the user. These bags have a metal zipper for closure

The locking mechanism used is an important feature of these locking security bags since they ensure that no one can access the content of the bag without the permission of the user. All the bags come with five different locking options. The standard padlock is the simplest locking option, and the bags can be supplied with the same key, different keys, or different keys with the same master-key. For those who do not wish to carry keys that may be misplaced, there is a provision for combination locks, with all locks, keyed the same or different depending on the customer.

In some cases, only cash and checks have to transported so the business or individual is looking for a secure money bag which can be locked to prevent unauthorized access. These locking money bags are smaller in size ranging from 9″ X 12″ to 6″ X 8″ since the amount of money is usually less. The user can choose from different materials like laminated nylon, 1000-denier nylon or 14 oz canvas. The bags are available in a wide range of colors and there is a provision for a cardholder, locking. Since the size of the bag is less, the price of the money bag is also less at $21.99. For bulk discounts, please contact Cardinal Bag Supplies.

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