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How to Carry Large Amounts of Cash Safely?

big amount of cash

Regardless of your business type and industry, it is safe to say that handling and transporting cash and sensitive documents is important. A business that is running with a high level of cash flow such as retail stores and restaurants have a higher need for locking money bags. You cannot simply put your large amounts of cash in a paper envelope as you can end being a victim of theft. Here are some ideas on how to carry large amounts of cash safely.

A businessman, employee or salesperson that needs to frequently carry cash in their hands while traveling across different locations must be mindful of these tips.

  • Alternate the time and days when you need to deposit cash to deter being tailed.
  • Be inconspicuous. Avoid carrying a briefcase for cash. Rather disguise cash in a money bag with lock.
  • Visit different locations at different timings to ensure that your traveling pattern is not easily recognizable or detected.
  • Avoid giving wages to your employees in public.
  • Avoid traveling to the bank on a registered company vehicle. Traveling anonymously with unnoticeable locking security bags is recommended.
  • Get insured.

Where to Hide Your Cash When Traveling?

Whether you are going to the bank to deposit cash or on your way to conduct a substantial cash transaction, utmost care must be taken to ensure safety. This experience can be nerve-wracking as you try not to be identified as someone carrying large amounts of cash. you can misplace the money accidentally in a mix-up of other hold items.

protect cash from robbers

Learning how to carry large amounts of cash safely will help to keep you relaxed and confident. But where exactly can you hide your cash?

Wear a Money Belt

A money belt is as a protective accessory that is worn under the clothes. You can use it to carry large amount of cash discreetly. Other type of money belts can wrap around the waist or around the thighs. The major benefit of a money belt is a pickpocket can’t access the cash kept in the belt. The disadvantage is the same. You yourself cannot access your cash easily. A zipper money belt can be replaced with a money bag with combination lock. You get easy to your cash in public yet away from the crooks. A money bag with combination will look conspicuous though.

Clothing Secret Pockets

You can store cash in clothes with secret pockets. There are special clothing articles that come with hidden compartments typically sealable with a zipper or Velcro. The pocket is placed hidden at a location not easily accessible to pickpockets. There are whole ranges of travel clothes available with secret pockets especially for travels gear. Secret pockets are good for hiding a small sum but it is not ideal for carrying larger amounts.

Carry a Dummy Wallet

carry a dummy wallet

This is more of a misdirection tactic. Carry a conspicuous dummy wallet while your wallet with actual cash remains hidden. It would be just a second wallet carrying a little amount of cash in it. The advantage of having a dummy wallet is that you can hand it over in case you get mugged. The mugger would think he made off with your wallet to his dismay. To make your dummy wallet strategy effective, your actual wallet should be hidden in an inconspicuous place. To make your dummy wallet like a real one, put in some fake or expired credit cards and receipts.

Divvy Up Your Cash

Try to avoid carrying all your cash in one bag or pocket. When going out to pay large amounts of cash, you can divide your cash into several batches. You can hide the cash in different locations. Put some of the cash in a wallet, a backpack, a money bag with lock, or a shoulder bag. Sure it’s inconvenient, but if you really want to keep the cash safe, this will be effective.

Disguise with Stationary and Documents

Another great idea for carrying a large amount of cash in public is to disguise the cash. You can place the cash in a document bag or any big bag that would allow you to conceal the cash with books or stacks of documents.

Carry an Anti-Theft bag

One thing that garbage bags commercial have taught us is some things are tougher than others. Anti-theft bags are built to be durable and cut-proof. An anti-theft bag or a durable money bag with lock will slow down and even deter crooks and pickpockets.


There are plenty of options for safe transport of cash. Being inconspicuous might be the best option but that isn’t always an option. Should you need to transfer large amount of cash that makes inconspicuous difficult, you can opt to use a locking money bag or a locking bank bag.

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