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Lockable Opioid Medication Bags Prevent Misuse of Opioids

Opioids are painkillers that may be derived from natural sources, plants like opium or produced synthetically in the laboratory like oxycodone and fentanyl. in the last few decades, there has been a massive increase in the number of opioids that are prescribed by doctors to their patients who may be suffering from pain. This has led to the opioid crisis in the United States with more than 11 million people overdosing on Opioids annually according to the statistical data which is available. This has become a major public health crisis in the country with approximately 50,000 deaths annually due to opioid overdose and addiction.

Since the number of opioid-related deaths is more than the deaths caused by AIDS at its peak in 1995, the federal and state governments are doing everything possible to reduce the number of people who are overdosing on opioids. This crisis has also adversely affected the productivity of the workforce. The number of people addicted and deaths vary in different states of the country. If the opioid crisis by state information is analyzed, it will found that some states like West Virginia, Ohio, Washington DC, New Hampshire, Kentucky, New York, and Massachusetts are worst affected by the crisis with a large number of deaths and people addicted.

The administration of the United States President Donald Trump has recognized that the opioid crisis is a major public health problem and has announced a number of measures to prevent opioid addiction and treat those who are addicted. The trump opioid crisis strategy includes an increase in funding for hospitals and other universities that are working on the opioid crisis, helping to treat those who are affected and also doing research on the subject. Initially, the funding will be provided mainly in states like Ohio where the number of people addicted and the number of deaths is higher.

The government has tried different opioid crisis solutions to reduce the number of people addicted and also prevent people from getting addicted. Efforts are made to educate people on the risks of using opioids to prevent addiction. Doctors are also told to avoid prescribing opioids. Individuals who may be overdosing are prescribed medicines like buprenorphine to treat the addiction. Funding to track opioid-related overdoses and prevention of overdosing has also been increased. The law enforcement agencies are also ensuring that the opioids are not available without a prescription and illegal import of fentanyl is prevented.

Cardinal bag Supplies have developed a lockable opioid medication bag as its contribution to preventing the opioid crisis. It believes that if the opioids are locked away securely in a tamper-proof bag, it will greatly reduce the theft of these opioids and also the possibility that they will be misused, falling into the wrong hands. These bags have already been distributed in different states like Ohio, New York, Washington, Wisconsin, Rhode Island by tribal and state government agencies. Now organizations and businesses can order these high-quality bags according to their requirement.

The standard size of the bag is 8” x 10” though larger bags of size 9” x 12” are also available. These bags are available in twelve different colors like white, blue, red, green, grey, burgundy, black though red, white and blue are the most popular options since the bag can be easily identified. The user can choose from different materials like canvas, laminated nylon, and 1000 denier nylon. The bags have a zipper so that they can be easily opened or closed. The bags are tamper-evident and if the bag is cut or damaged, the tampering will be immediately obvious. The minimum order quantity is one hundred bags.

To keep the opioids secure, the user can choose to have a conventional padlock attached to the zip or a combination lock. For the padlock option, all the keys for the order can be the same, the keys may be different or it is possible to order different keys with the common master key, at an additional cost. Since the user may forget the keys, some customers prefer to order a combination lock. The options available are locks with the same combination or locks with different combinations. There is also a provision for screen printing the logo or other details on these bags. For more details contact Cardinal Bag Supplies.

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