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Well Designed Prescription Drug cases from Cardinal Bag Supplies

For many illnesses and health problems, medicines can be obtained only after the patient gets a prescription from the doctor. This is because the medicines usually have serious side effects or can cause health problems if they are not consumed in the dose which is specified. These medicines like narcotic pain killers, sleeping pills, anti-anxiety pills, cancer treatment drugs, diabetes treatment medicines are also fairly expensive. Hence many patients who are using prescription medicines are interested in finding prescription drug cases to keep their medicines secure and private.

Cardinal Bag Supplies has designed cases for prescription drugs after doing extensive research on the requirements of patients who are consuming prescription drugs. The case has zips on three sides and can be opened out when the medicines are required or while storing the medical supplies. The case has four different sections for the different types of medicines. One section allows the user to keep all their bottles. Diabetes is one of the most widespread chronic ailments worldwide and many patients are using syringes to get their daily dose of insulin. Hence the case has a separate section for storing the syringes separately.

Often patients are told to take a daily dose of medicines to treat their ailment and also remain healthy. For the convenience of the patient, there is a daily dosage tray in the case for medicines in the case, so that the patient can keep medicines for each day of the week. Additionally, most people apply ointments for cuts, boils, itching and other health problems like headaches, pain in the back or another part of the body. Hence there is a separate section in the prescription bag for storing these ointments in tubes, containers, and other medical supplies. This section is made from transparent material, so that the user can check the contents, without opening the section.

The prescription medicine case is 12″ X 9″ in size and is made from canvas material which is durable and will not tear easily. Since it is light in weight and compact, it can be easily carried to the hospital, workplace and while traveling. The case is available in three different colors red, black and blue. Many users prefer the brightly colored bag since they can easily locate it easily in their luggage when they require medicine. Each bag is priced at $22.99, and discounts are available for bulk purchases. These bags are available in stock and will be shipped in one or two days after the order is placed.

To keep the prescription drugs secure, the case is available with different options for locking. Padlock with keys is available at no additional cost if no master key is required. For bulk orders, all the cases can be supplied with the same key, different keys or different keys with the same master key. Many buyers are preferring combination locks since the user does not have to carry a key with him, which may be misplaced or lost. These locks are costing $6 more, and all the bags can have the same combination, or each case will have a different combination.

Opioids are a type of prescription drugs which are derived from opium or have similar properties. These drugs are used extensively as painkillers and are highly addictive. The opioid crisis in the United States is a major health problem, resulting in the loss of productivity due to the addiction to opioids. Hence it is increasingly important to ensure that opioids are stored securely. For this Cardinal bag Supplies is supplying lockable bags for opioids, so that the patient can ensure that the opioids do not fall into the wrong hands, leading to addiction.

The bags are available in different sizes like 12″ X 9″ and 10″ X 8″. The buyer can also choose between different materials like canvas, lamination nylon, 1000 denier nylon depending on the strength required. There are more colors which are available like blue, burgundy, black, red, grey, green, orange and white. These bags have multiple locking options available like prescription drug cases. There is also a provision for a cardholder, with information about the user. These bags are only available in bulk, with a minimum order of 100 bags. For delivery, discounts and other details, please contact Cardinal Bag supplies

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