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Prescription Medication Bags by Cardinal Bag Supplies

Travel Safe

Prescription Medication bags are useful if you have a lot of medication to take with you when you are traveling, particularly if you carry items that might be a danger to other people around you. Insulin syringes, injectable medications or even cytotoxic medications should be kept safe. If you are using opioids for your chronic pain, the last thing you want is for people to be able to steal your medications. Medications can be expensive and hard to replace, especially when you are in a foreign place. Hence, prescription medication bags are essential when you have sensitive items to carry with you.

Bag Specifications

The travel bags is approximately 12 inches in length and 9 inches in height, and it opens like a book when you unzip it. The lightweight bag has a few lock types: keys, combination or both. The key option allows you to have the same keys for all the bags, or different keys for each individual bag, depending on your needs. It has compartments for needles, bottles and dosage trays for neat organizations. You can also put your toiletries or medication lists in the bag for emergencies. The bag is made of canvas, hence it offers some flexibility when you pack it into your suitcase but is durable enough to protect your medications from certain damage.

Why You Need Lockable Bags

Travelling can be hectic: you need to look after many things while you travel. Medications are important for your general health and well being, so you should keep your medications safe. Losing any medication when you are away from home causes unnecessary hassles that you can avoid by having a lockable bag to keep all your essentials safe. The lock prevents people from opening your bag without permission, or even theft. If you are travelling with children, lockable bags help stop them from eating your medication. Children do not understand that medications that makes you better can make them ill, and it is better to be on the safe side and lock your medications up. Additionally, keeping medications in a safe bag means they are less likely to fall out can become lost, or get damaged during transit.

Other Uses of Lockable Bags

Aside from medications, you can use the bag to put your important documents and money. So that even if someone breaks into your room and steals it, you know that they will have a hard time accessing your items in the locked bag. The canvas is a rugged cotton canvas duct, hence it is durable and tear-proof. The tight weave offers safety in terms of hardwearing, but also lightweight for ease of travel. For travelling, this travel bag is light enough for you to carry around but strong enough to keep your valuables safe. If you have dangerous medications such as cytotoxics or biohazards, the lockable bag prevents children or strangers from getting injured.

Lock Options

If you are travelling overseas, the dual option of key and combination is ideal. You can keep the set of keys as a backup, and if you do lose the keys, you can access your items via the combination. The bags are made in America, and you can reorder the keys if you have lost them. Each bag has its own serial for identification. You can order multiple bags with the same keys so that you will only need one set to open all. If you are keen to have a separate key for each bag, they also have that on offer. You can individualize your bags according to your needs. The bags also come in many colors, or you can get them printed to avoid confusion or errors when you have more than one.

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