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Locking Document Bags by Cardinal Bag Supplies

The locking document bags, the brainchild of Cardinal Bags Supplies, are the cuter, more colorful and a million times lighter cousins of security safe boxes. They come in different sizes like the 11×15 Document Bags which my grandfather could have used to keep his World War II documents that could have granted him monthly allowances for his service. But since his papers got burned accidentally by his daughter, we missed out on all the steak dinners he could have bought us from his subsidy.

Most commonly used for financial, medical, business or to secure valuable documents, the 11×15 Locking Document Bag is undeniably handy. It complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), making it a perfect choice to hideaway your prescription for that hard to acquire medicine.

It comes in red, for that fiery feel, black for that “match-all-my-outfit color confidence,” two different shades of green – forest and kelly, navy and royal blue, gray, my daughter’s favorite purple, orange, teal, and semi-clear. It can carry as much as 65 pounds in such a way that it can hold a full ream of copy paper, which is about 200 leaves, with ease.

Patrons of Cardinal Bag Supplies are given the freedom to choose and customize the bags that they purchase as they can choose which material or fabric and what kind of lock they would like to use on their kit. For the material they can choose from:

Laminated Nylon
More puncture-resistant than ordinary nylon, the 3-ply structure of 70-denier fabric covered with layers of poly-vinyl allows it to resist water in the case of a sudden downpour, flooding or a crazy idea of taking the Nestle plunge as you cling onto a bag of essential documents.

1000 Denier or Basket Weave Nylon
It is Cardinal Bag Supplies’ commercial grade fabric which can withstand abrasions, tears, scuffs, and punctures for high performance and maximum durability. Coated with urethane, a known sealer, it promises to protect from excessive cold and moisture, keeping the bag’s interior drier than the Sahara.

Designed for everyday use, its hard-line structure using a rugged cotton canvas duct weighs only 10 or 14 oz. depending on the consumers’ usage.

600 x 300 Denier Polyester Cloth
Bragging a 0.55mm PVC backing, this piece is one of the more durable products Cardinal Bag Supplies has to offer. Commonly used as a zipper wallet and transit bag, its flexible and texturized yarns make it a popular item on the list.

Expanded Vinyl
Can’t stop your kids from practicing their artistic talents? Sometimes crayons and pen markers can ruin the look of a perfectly elegant bag. Then this easy to clean piece might be the right one for you. With an expandable fabric, you can carry out as many documents that your arm can lift. Boasting its vinyl coating and leather-like grain this one can be as elegant as it can be.

200 Denier Nylon
Commonly used as a transit bag because of its waterproof polyvinyl coating, this lightweight yet sturdy bag keeps everything warm and dry while the carrier gets cold and damp.

For a more personal touch, all bags can be silk-screen imprinted or embroidered and you can choose which kind of lock you want to use. All lock options come with 2 keys for that VERY distant possibility that you might lose one. There are 5 key options:

Standard Keyed Alike
– The set of keys you get for the bag can work on all the bags
– Best used in situations where multiple bags are purchased and the need to secure the bags individually isn’t important.

Standard Keyed Different
– The set of keys you get for the bag ONLY works for that bag.
– Suggested in situations where individual bags are purchased.

Standard Keyed Master Lock
– The locks are all keyed different and a master key can open all bags.
– Advisable when multiple bags are purchased and a center location needs to open the bag by using a master key, eliminating the need to find individual keys for each bag.

Combination/Keyed Alike
– The lock can be used with either a combination or a set of keys.
– Suggested for situations where multiple bags are purchased requiring the same keys to open all locks, still, an individual user can set a personal combination.

Combination/Keyed Different
– Recommended when multiple or single bags are purchased requiring a different set of keys to open the lock, nevertheless, an individual user can set a personal combination.

Presently, I don’t have to deal with critical documents that much. On the other hand, my daughter is in the second grade and because she loves doodling and painting, these Locking Document Bags are still very useful to me. What is important to me might not be that important to others. But at least I know that when my little girl is all grown-up, we will have a jolly time looking back at all her artworks that were locked safely inside a Cardinal Bag Supplies.

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