Fire Resistant Locking Security Bag


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Fire Resistant Locking Security Bag

Fire Resistant Locking Security Bag protects all valuables and important documents from a fire. The industrial level construction with fire protection to 2500F protects against loss of valuables. Easy carry comfort handles are designed for transit.

The Silica Cloth we use has a combustion rate of 2500 degrees Fahrenheit.  This means the silica cloth doesn’t catch fire until the temperature is 2500 degrees F.

We have tested our bags in several conditions to observe their performance.  We have not UL rated the bags because we offer customization on any bag.  Any alterations or customization nullifies the UL rating.  We have chosen not to publish a stated burn rate (1500 degrees for 15 minutes, etc).  Most of these claims are not substantiated or variations in fire conditions void the claims.

Please understand ANY type of fire resistant or fire proof product does not prevent convection (heating) of contents within a bag or safe.  Most damage from fires to fire resistant products comes in the form of convection within the container. When the contents within any fire resistant container reach their autoignition point, the contents start on fire.

For example, the autoiginition point for paper is 424 – 475 degrees F.  For paper, there is considerable variation between sources, mainly because there are many physical variables over different kinds of paper, like thickness, density and composition; in addition, it takes longer for the combustion of paper to start at lower temperatures.

We provide this information not to be vague but to explain the variables to consider in purchasing a fire resistant product from us or anyone else.

  • Silica Linear Fire Resistant up to 2500F.
  • Plenty of storage room large 15″ x 11″ dimensions. Interior: 13″ x 11″.
  • Heavy Construction 1000 Denier Nylon Outer Material.
  • Riveted Lock Security with 2 keys Included. Key is removable when open.
  • Fire proof thread and zipper fabric. Hard Handles for Easy Carry.


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Weight .9 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 1 in

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