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Should You Share Your Locking Bank Bags Key and Passcode?

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I have locking bank bags at home. Who should know about it? Is it smart to let someone know where the key is, or what the passcode is?

There are few specific reasons for having secure bags at home. Did you just bring home the best locking bank bag you can find? Even ordinary locking bank bags, custom locking bank bags, or locking zipper bank bags are sometimes a necessity at home. A common reason for having these kind of bags is if you usually need to store cash at home

You may need to keep company assets at home. Whatever it is, the burden is on you to keep it safe.

Another possible reason for having locking bank bags is having a large amount of money every day that you can only bring to the bank the next day. If you close shop for the day, you probably need a safe way to store that day’s earning.

Whatever the reason may be, locking bank bags is a repository for valuable items like money, jewelries or other important documents. The reason why you have a locking bank bag is that you want the repository to be accessed only by those you trust.

But who should have access to these bags?

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If you are married, it is reasonable to expect that your partner is aware of you having locking bank bags at home. More importantly, it is reasonable that your partner knows where the key is or how to unlock the bag in case of an emergency and you are unable to do it.

Prenuptial agreements aside, the traditional concept of married life is for two people to share everything – love, bed, money, house, children, and responsibilities. But today, married life is complex and complicated, which means there is not a simple, straightforward answer to the question about whether or not your partner should know everything there is to know about money and financials including you keeping locking bank bags at home. Perhaps the answer to some guide questions can help you decide on this predicament.

Do tell your partner if:

  • You trust your partner – If you have full confidence in your husband or wife that you can trust him or her with whatever it is that you keep in your locking bank bags, then you should inform your partner where you keep your locking bank bags and how to unlock it to retrieve the contents inside. If the locking bank bags require a key, give a duplicate to your partner or let him/her know where you keep the key. If it opens with a combination, share this information with him or her. Most importantly, inform your partner what the locking bags contain and the circumstances when the contents can be used.
  • Knowing does not keep his or her life in danger – it is not unusual that the contents of a locking bank bag is “sensitive” or could put anyone who has it at risk. Laundered money, drug money, gang money, ransom money – if you keep this kind of money in a locking bank bag, it is perfectly understandable. We can only hope you’re not doing these kinds of things. If this puts your partner’s life in danger, it is best that your partner is not aware where the locking bank bags are located, as well as the keys and the lock combination.

Don’t tell your partner if:

  • Your partner has a gambling addiction – Sooner or later, your partner might be tempted to gamble away the contents of your locking bank bags. Do not risk it.
  • Your partner is impulsive and irresponsible – Some people are not bad people, but they are prone to doing things they later regret because they are irresponsible and impulsive. If your partner can be impulsive and the contents of your locking bank bag are very valuable, it is in your best interest (and the best interest of your happy marriage) to keep this information from him/her.
  • Your partner has a drug addiction – If your partner has an addiction, valuable items are not safe. A major part of addiction is using every available resource to satisfy the addiction. In fact opioid abuse has been connected to a higher rate of criminality. A locking bank bag that contains cash or valuables is just too strong a temptation. Someone who finds himself or herself in dire need of money to satisfy his or her addiction, will definitely take the contents of your locked bag.
  • Your partner is untrustworthy – It is not surprising for married couples to have trust issues. The main purpose of a locking bank bag is to keep your money secure and make you feel secure, but knowing that someone you don’t trust knows the combination or has a key to your locking bank bag compromises the security and safety of the bag.

These considerations more or less apply to other members of your family or those with whom you share living space with. Always remember that your security bags are very important, the contents even more. So think very hard before deciding whether you are going to divulge sensitive information regarding these bags to your partner, your children, your siblings, and to the other people in your household.


Keeping locking bank bags secure is a big responsibility whether the contents belong to you or to someone else. Letting people know that you have one at home and entrusting them with the key or passcode is a way of extending that responsibility to those people. Before deciding who to make privy to this important information, make sure you have carefully considered how sharing the information to a certain person affects the safety of the locking bank bag and its contents.

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