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What Is The Best Fireproof Money Bag On The Market?

best money bag on the market

What Can the Best Fireproof Money Bag Do?

The best fireproof money bag can provide excellent fire protection for your most valuable and prized possessions in the event of a fire. If you want to protect important documents such as diplomas, property deeds, certificates, passports, insurance claims, an expensive watch, or even a big wad of cash, then buying a fireproof money bag is for you!

Is a Fireproof Money Bag Useful?

People never want to imagine the worst however it is always better to prepare for the worst than live your life having regrets. Whether you leave that candle on overnight or leave the stove on, accidents can happen, and you need to ensure that you protect your essential documents and possessions in case a fire breaks out.

Every year, an estimated 23,600 house fires happen due to accidents involving candles. These result in $390 million in direct property losses.

Additionally, between 2014-2018, an average of 172,900 home structure fires per year were caused by cooking activities, leading to at least $1 billion in direct property damages. As such, one can minimize these property damage costs by protecting our most valuable possessions.

In the event of a fire, one can be extremely busy either putting out the fire, saving loved ones, or calling emergency services. Thus, saving prized possessions is usually not on our list of priorities, and rightfully so as this can put lives in danger. Therefore, fireproof money bags can take care of this. You won’t need to worry about your prized possessions or risk putting your life on the line trying to save material possessions.

House fires are responsible for many property damage cases, including items with high monetary value or items that are difficult to replace. Important documents and files are either a nuisance or even impossible to replace in the event of a fire. Insurance costs barely cover any costs associated with valuable item damage. This is why fireproof money bags are a great option to minimize the damage of house fires.

Cardinal Bag Supplies Money Bag – The Best Fireproof Money Bags

  • High Quality – Our fireproof money bags can withstand temperatures of up to 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. The average house fire can reach 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, you can ensure your most prized possession do not turn to ashes.
  • Very Practical – Our fireproof money bags for sale can be easily stored in a safe or drawer. It is convenient to keep. It is safe and discreet.
  • Safe and Secure – Our best fireproof money bags come with five different lock types to choose from and are secured with a silica liner to resist heat. A metal zipper keeps the items intact inside the fireproof money bag. This can ensure the safety of your possessions wherever the money bag is stored.
  • Customizability – The bags are customizable to your liking. We offer fourteen different colors, including black, red, and forest green. Additionally, our fireproof money bags come with locks you can customize. Moreover, our fireproof money bags also come in 4 different sizes: 11’’x 15″, 12’’x 16″, 14’’x 18″, and 15’’x 19″.

Even more choices, you have the option to choose between different fabric types. Our fireproof money bags and fireproof document bags come with an elegant handle and design. They are suitable for protecting all your valuables.

If you are buying for your company, you can even customize the bags by adding your company name or logo. We offer bulk orders for anyone who wants to order in bulk. We offer discounts on bulk orders and shipping is free.

Best Fireproof Money Bags Made in the USA

Our fireproof money bags are made in the USA. Everyone knows local products are the better choice, and all our fireproof money bags are made in the USA which means they are made to a high standard of quality. Our fireproof bags are the most reliable fireproof bags that you can find on the market. Nothing else comes close.

Our fireproof money bags and fireproof document bags are versatile. They can be used to house a range of items from documents to cash.

Fireproof money bags and fireproof document bags are a worthwhile investment for anyone.

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