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Why Do You Need to Buy HIPAA Locking Courier Bags?

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What is a HIPAA Locking Courier Bag? 

HIPAA Locking Courier bags are a must-have for protecting vulnerable personal medical and patient information.

HIPAA refers to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. HIPAA mandates that companies that handle medical and health information must adhere to the national standard of protecting individuals’ health records and other identifiable information.

What is a HIPAA locking courier bag?

HIPAA locking courier bags are HIPAA compliant. This means these bags can protect an individual’s medical and health records. HIPAA locking courier bags, HIPAA-compliant document bags or even HIPAA-compliant laptop bags can help safeguard sensitive medical data of patients.

Why Do You Need a HIPAA Locking Courier Bag?

Based on HIPAA standards, it is essential to keep all patient information secure. Breaches and leaks of personal medical and health information can result in hefty fines and expensive lawsuits.

Printed health records can be stolen. Servers containing medical information can be hacked. These make it important to invest in preventative measures to avoid leaking patient information. All printed medical information should be kept under lock and key. Printed information no longer needed should be shredded and disposed of securely. If you need to keep health records away from prying eyes when traveling, that’s when HIPAA locking courier bags and document bags come in handy. Invest in a courier bag with a strong lock to keep your health documents safe and secure.

Cardinal Bags HIPAA Locking Courier Bags and Document Bags are secure and durable. Our bigger locking bags are also suitable for keeping laptops that contain sensitive information safe. Our HIPAA compliant laptop bags are a must-have when protecting your laptop from potential vulnerabilities (apart from security software).

How the Storage of Personal Medical and Health Information is Crucial to Data Security 

Whether patient personal information is stored digitally or in hard copy, it must be protected from people who steal or want to use data for their malicious intent. More and more online health records and medical information are vulnerable to cyberattacks. One recent cyberattack in Washington exposed the record of over 200,000 people. Hackers can sell this information including medical and health records, emails, addresses, phone numbers and even passwords to anyone with ill intentions. In the broader cybersecurity scale, it is important to invest in bolstering your cybersecurity efforts.

On the other hand, hard copies of medical records can also get into the wrong hands, especially when transferring them from one place to another. Locking file cabinets and locking courier bags are your best friend.

HIPAA Locking Courier Bags Features

When you purchase our HIPAA-compliant locking courier bags, you can better secure your important documents when traveling. All our bags are made of high-quality materials. Everything is made in the USA.

  • Our HIPAA-compliant bags are available in stock or can be made to order in the USA.
  • All bags are available in Laminated Nylon, 1000 Denier Nylon and Canvas.
  • Choose from up to 15 color options.
  • You can order bags with imprinting for your company logo. We offer discounts and free shipping for bulk orders.

We have gotten top reviews on Amazon for our HIPAA-compliant document bags. Customers have stated multiple practical ways our bags have helped them in their everyday lives. For example, one patient used our bags to store her pills and documents she wanted to keep safe before a procedure in hospital admissions.

This speaks to the versatility and reliability of Cardinal Bag Supplies. You can check our full range of bags here.

Let’s do a recap. Getting a HIPAA-compliant bag is a must to store and secure patient health and medical information. Also, choose high-quality HIPAA courier locking bags from Cardinal Bag Supplies.

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