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Cardinal Bag Supplies High Quality Locking Bank Bags

Most of the financial transactions are routed through banks, hence it is important to ensure that the cash, documents and other valuables which are transported to the bank remain secure. Many businesses and individuals are keeping their valuables in the bank lockers since the banks have better security measures in place compared to most businesses. Hence businesses are regularly transporting items from their premises to the local bank and vice versa. To ensure that all the bank related cash, checks, and other items remain secure, they are looking for high quality and affordable locking bank bags.

Businesses are interested in purchasing the best locking bank bag since they usually cannot afford to lose or damage any item which is being transported to the bank. Hence the buyer of these bags will check the design and material of the bank bag. It is important to ensure that the material used in the bags is of the highest quality so that it does not tear even if it is used roughly. The zippers used should also be of good quality and it should not be possible to pick the zips. The best manufacturing techniques should be used so that the bag does not open up.

The bank deposit bags with lock is environment-friendly since it is reusable and priced affordably. The buyer can choose a bag in different materials like 14 oz canvas, laminated nylon, and 1000 denier nylon, depending on his budget and application for which the bag is being used. Nylon is preferred by some buyers since it is water repellent. Laminated nylon has a vinyl coating and has a cotton twill backing for increased strength. Basketweave nylon with 1000 denier is a high strength material which does not get tear easily and is extremely durable like canvas.

The outer dimensions of the standard size of the bank bag available are 9″ X 12″ while the inner dimensions of these rectangular bags are 8.5″ X 11.5″. However, these standard bags may not be large enough for letter-size documents or files of size 8.5″ X 11″. For these documents, it is advisable to purchase large locking bank bags which are of size 11″ X 15″ to ensure that important documents are not folded or damaged while being transported. The bags are available with a cardholder of size 2.5″ X 3.5″ with a black frame, which can be used to identify the bag or hold business cards or other data.

One of the most important features of the bank bags is the locking mechanism which ensures that the contents of the bag remain secure and prevent unauthorized access. Cardinal bags offers five different locking options for the bag. If a standard padlock is being used with the zipper, the buyer can choose to order bags with different keys, all locks with the same key, and locks which have the same master key and different types of keys. For those who do not wish to carry keys, they can choose to have combination locks. The options offered are locks having the same combination, or locks have different combinations to unlock them.

The bags are available in different colors like black, grey, burgundy, red, forest green, royal blue, navy blue, and a suitable color can be chosen depending on the preference of the user. For example, black is often popular, since the dirt is not easily visible. Wholesale package of 5 canvas locking bags in black color are also available. These bags are three inches thick compared to the nylon bags which are one inch thick and have a secure locking system. The standard size bags are available in stock and will be usually shipped within 24 hours of placing the order for smaller orders. More time will be taken to complete larger orders of fifty or more bags.

For a single bag, the listed price on the website is $20.99, and discounts are available for orders of three or more bags. Special pricing and payment terms are available for customers who wish to place larger orders for 500 or more bags. These bulk customers are requested to contact Cardinal Bag supplies for more information about the offers available. Purchase orders are also accepted. Many of the customers for bank bags are extremely satisfied with these bags and have placed repeat orders. Hence businesses and individuals who require high-quality bank bags with secure locking should contact Cardinal Bags.

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