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Fire Resistant Bags for Carrying and Storing Gadgets

Many gadgets like remote-controlled cars, drones, DSLR cameras are using Lithium Polymer (abbreviated as lipo) batteries since they are rechargeable and eco friendly. However, there is a risk that the battery will explode while charging, when it is carried from one place to another or when it is stored. It is particular to dangerous to carry the battery from one place to another using conventional bags since the battery is likely to get heated and explode because of friction. Hence it is important to keep your gadgets in fire resistant bags to avoid accidents.

The main reason why most organizations insist on a fire resistant bag is that even if the battery will catch fire due to friction and heating, the fire will remain confined to the bag and not escape outside since the material used does not catch fire easily. This ensures that the fire will not cause damage to the surrounding area. Hence many professional photographers and hobbyists are interested in finding a supplier for a high-quality fire-resistant bag which they can conveniently use for carrying and keeping their gadgets without causing a fire hazard.

Cardinal Bag Supplies manufactures a wide range of fire-resistant bags so that gadgets and other important documents can be carried and stored safely from one place to another. These bags are custom made in the size and design required by the customer. The bags are made using silica liner so that any fire in the bag due to battery explosion will not spread outside. The silica liner used in the bag is tested for fire resistance, and will not catch fire till a temperature of 2500 degree Fahrenheit is reached. The zips of the bags are made from metal which also has a high melting point, so any fire caused by battery explosion will remain confined.

Though it is guaranteed that the silica cloth used in the bags are tested to ensure that they do not catch fire till a temperature of 2500 degree F is reached, a UL certification is not offered. This is because UL only certifies standard products whose specifications remain the same. Since all the fire bags supplied are custom made according to the requirement of the customer, have different colors, dimensions, design features, the seller is unable to get UL certification, though they can offer a warranty on the quality of the bag.

Depending on the number of gadgets being carried in the bag, customers can specify the size of the briefcase-style fireproof bag. Some users are carrying only a few gadgets with them, and they will require a smaller bag, while professionals who require a large number of gadgets should specify larger dimensions for the bag they order. The outer material used in the bag, 1000 Denier Nylon is durable so that the bag can be used for many years without any problem. In addition to gadgets, these bags can also be used for storing and carrying other things such as documents and other valuable objects, given that they are not stored with the gadgets, of course.

Based on buyer preferences, different colors like red, black, green, blue, purple, brown, orange, teal are available. Depending on the customer’s preferences, the bag can be custom-made with webbed handles so that it can be carried comfortably from one place to another. For additional security, there is a provision for locking these bags to prevent unauthorized access. A padlock can be used with the zipper to secure the bag. There are different locking options available – locks with the same key locks with different keys, and locks with different keys and the same master key. Depending on the application the right lock should be ordered for the bag.

These customized bags can also be designed with a port so that they can be used for charging the battery. The charging wires will enter the bag through this port which is designed so that the flames do not spread if the battery will catch fire while charging. All the bags are custom manufactured based on buyer requirement and are shipped ten to fourteen days after order placement. Discounts are offered for bulk orders of the bag. A logo and text can be printed if required. Hence for high-quality affordable fire-resistant bags, customers should place their order at Cardinal Bags Supplies.

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