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Fireproof Bags have a Fire Resistant Silica Cloth

There are many important documents and other valuables which are unique and cannot be replicated if they are destroyed by fire. Similarly, if the money in the form of cash catches fire, it is lost permanently since it remains difficult to get compensation. Hence many individuals and people are interested in purchasing a fireproof bag for keeping their important documents, cash, files, and other valuables so that these items will not get damaged even if the bag catches fire. There are different designs, sizes and colors of fireproof bags which are available and buyers can choose a bag depending on their requirement.

Many people who ask the question do fireproof bags really work should understand how the fireproof bags available are designed. These bags are made with a fire resistant silica liner which is heat resistant till 2500 Fahrenheit and will not catch fire till the temperature is reached. So the documents and other valuables inside will remain safe, though they may catch fire due to convection heating and auto ignition. The auto ignition temperature varies depending on the paper or other material, it is usually 424 to 475 degree Fahrenheit and it will usually take some time for the temperature to be reached. Usually, the fire is extinguished quickly, so the valuables kept in the fireproof bag remain safe.

Though the design of the different fire resistant bags may vary, they have some similar features. In addition to the silica liner cloth, these bags are made from 1000 Denier nylon which is tough and durable. Most of the bags are available in different colors like red, black, royal blue, navy blue, forest green, burgundy, grey, purple, orange, yellow, Kelly green, teal, brown. The bag has a standard window for placing the address card or label for identification. Standard sizes are available ex stock, and other sizes are custom made on request and will be shipped in 10 to 14 days after placing the order.

The fireproof document bag is designed for storing important documents, cash, checks, and other valuables. The buyer can choose from four different sizes, 14 X 11″, 18″ X 14′, 22 X 16″, 22″ X 19″. All bags are custom made after the order is placed. Customers can also request bags to be made in a specific size. These bags can be easily kept in a safe or other places. Each bag has a zipper pull with a provision for pin locking. Different locking mechanisms available for this bag are a master lock with same keys, with different keys, or using a combination lock. These bags are made in the midwest United States

Customers who wish to purchase a fireproof money bag can choose between a bank bag or briefcase style bag. The bank fireproof bag is designed to carry checks, currency, and other valuables. The bags of size 11″ X 15″ in black, red or forest green nylon denier are available in stock. Other sizes like 12″ X 16″, 14″ X 18″ and 15″ X 19″ are made only after the order has been placed. The bag has a handle so that it can be comfortably carried from one place to another. While placing an order, the customer can choose between the five different locking mechanisms, different keys, same keys, different with a master key, combination lock which is a similar, combination which is different.

The briefcase style fireproof bag is designed for transporting valuables, documents, files, reports and currency and is thicker. The bags of size 18″ X 14″ X 4″ are available ex stock, while bags of size 14″ X 11″ X 3″ are custom made. Handles are also provided to transport the bag from one place to another. A metal zipper closure is provided with a provision for fixing a padlock or combination lock. Like other bags, the logo or text can be imprinted for $30 additional in any color required. Bulk discounts are also offered for quantities of three or more for all the different bags.

All the fire resistant courier bags are custom made based on the order which has been placed. These bags are designed for transporting documents and other valuables between buildings, offices and different cities. The bag is available in the following sizes 7″ X 16″ X 18″,8″ X 18″ X 18″, 8″ X 21″ X 18″, 7″ X 16″ X 24″ , 8″ X 18″ X 21″ and 8″ X 18″ X 24″ The bag can be made in ballistic weave gold or 1000 denier nylon fabric in different colors. The bag has a velcro flap which shields the lock. The webbed handles are durable. The bag can be ordered with either of the five locking options with a standard lock, key and master keys, or combination lock.

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