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Get a High Quality, Secure Money Bag Here!

Money is a highly valuable resource. It is the accepted medium of exchange today. Whenever we need to transport money from one location to the other, it is very important to hold it in a secure container. The Cardinal Bag Bags Money Bag is an excellent container for your cash. It is designed and constructed to facilitate safe, secure cash transfer from one location to the other. Many professional establishments use money bags to transport cash. Examples of these are banks, credit unions, accountancy firms, armoured truck companies and even individual investors. They rely on high quality bags to hold and secure the cash in transit. Here is more about the Cardinal Bank Bags cash bag and why you should get it today!

  • Features of the Cardinal bank bag

◦ Design
Substantial amounts of time, skill and attention are invested in developing this money bag. Each unit is made to order in the USA. Even better, you can order as many units as you require. While ordering a Cardinal Bag Supplies Cash Bag, you can specify its characteristics according to multiple criteria.

You can determine the bag’s size, material, and color. There are various colors available for you such as blue, red, brown, pink, black and teal among others.

The company ensures a highly flexible level of design. There are 4 different sizes, 5 types of materials, 15 different vibrant colors and 5 types of locks to choose from. In facilitating this level of design freedom, Cardinal enables you to implement your company’s brand colors and logo on the money bags. In this way, you can maintain professionalism.

◦ Security

The money bags from this company are secured using 2 main strategies. Each lock uses a combination and a key to keep the contents safe and secure. This allows for two-factor security assessment whenever you want to open up the money bag. While many other money bag brands only implement one method of security, Cardinal Bag Supplies implements two. This gives you double the security.

◦ Environmentally friendly

These deposit bags are developed to be fully reusable. As such, each unit can be used for many years at a time. Furthermore, they are made of fully recyclable materials. The bags are made of a combination of materials such as high strength plastic, aluminum, and tight weave natural cotton.

These materials are combined without implementing any chemicals or synthetic components. They are also implemented on the bag in a strategic way. For example, the locks are made of aluminium while the zipper is made of plastic. The rest of the bag is made of tight weave natural cotton. This goes a long way in ensuring the structural integrity of the bag and boosts the security of your money. It also means that every Cardinal Bag Supplies bank bag is Eco-friendly. By using these bags, you can make a positive contribution to the overall wellness of the environment.

◦ Special benefits

There are some special benefits which you can enjoy while purchasing Cardinal deposit bags. If you order more than 250 bags, you can enjoy a volume purchase discount! This helps you to save significant amounts of money on every purchase!

What’s more, you can also enjoy better terms of delivery. Made to order money bags take between 10 and 14 days to arrive. When you make a large order, you can expect them to arrive as quickly as possible! Best of all, you can enjoy free logo imprinting on high volume orders! You can maintain your brand value and awareness when ordering cash bags from this company through this fantastic offer!

The Cardinal Bag and Supplies Company caters to both public and private entities. They have the flexibility and resources to fulfil orders of any nature. As such, if you feel that your business would benefit from having some money bags, this is the firm to approach for top quality goods! It is important to know that if you intend to carry documents or letter size files which measure 8 � x 11 without needing to fold them, the document bag is a much better fitting carrier. However, if you want to transport cash from one place to another safely, look no further than the Cardinal Bag Supplies Deposit Bags! Feel free to visit their website today and make an order!

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