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The Lockable Opioid Bag: The Solution to Opioid Overdose Crisis

Pills for Lockable Opioid Bag

As good as opioids can be in terms of their medicinal use, one absolutely cannot ignore the devastation to the life they can cause if used in extreme doses and without medical necessity.

The opioid overdose crisis is real and ever-increasing. A great solution to this problem would be using the opioid crisis medication bags.

Why Is It Important To Use Locking Bags For Opioids?

If you have been prescribed opioid pain medications by the doctor, it is essential that you lock them up and keep them away from the reach of your family and friends, especially if they are youths or teenagers.

The Opioid Overdose Crisis is rampant amongst the teenage and young adults’ age group. And this misuse of the opioid pain medications is caused majorly because these substances are readily available to the abusers, whether in the medicine cabinet or just casually lying around at a friend’s or family’s place.

In the US, deaths in young adults because of opioid overdose is statistically 1 out of every five deaths, which is not a small number.

So, if you want to see the teenagers or youth in your friends and family circle safe and healthy, it is your responsibility as an opioid crisis response act to cut off any access they might gain to opioid pain medication, especially if you are the one consuming it.

How Will A Lockable Opioid Bag Help With The Opioid Overdose Crisis?

Lockable Narcotics Bags Aid in Opioid CrisisThe major reason for an opioid overdose is the ease of accessibility. You can eliminate this problem by locking up your opioid medications in the lockable bag. And this bag must be placed away from the reach of anybody else.

Once your medical drugs are safe and locked up in the bag, you have less to worry about their misuse. Also, you can easily carry them around if you need to travel away from home.

Reasons To Get The Lockable Bag For Yourself

Cardinal Solutions are known to provide the best lockable bags for any purpose. The case is also true for a lockable opioid bag as they have a variety of options to choose from. Apart from their lovely collection, you can also get custom medication bags designed for you as you want.

Not only will you have a lovely bag for storing and locking in your opioid medications, but it will also serve its purpose. Here are some other reasons why you should consider getting a lockable opioid bag apart from the fact that it will prove to be the solution for opioid overdose crisis:


These lockable bags are available in combination as well as lock and key features. If you find handling a combination type of locking system easier, you can get that for yourself. Or if you like the old school way of using lock and key, those are available too.

Immaterial, your opioid medications are safely tucked away and are in no danger of falling into the wrong hands and being misused.


These bags are made of the best quality materials which make them tear resistant and thus durable for a very long time. The various materials that these bags are available in are Canvas 14 oz., Laminated, and 1000 Denier. These are high-quality fabrics that make the bags damage proof.

A laminated bag will prevent any water seeping through and protect your medicines. Also, no worries about the material getting hooked on to some sharp thing and tearing away since all the bags are absolutely torn resistant.


If you need to carry or store a lot of other medicines apart from your opioid medications, these bags are surely enough. These lockable bags are available in 2 sizes 8″ × 10″ and 9″ × 12″. You can get any size per your daily requirement.

Both these sizes are spacious enough and will accommodate much of your medicines.

You do not have to look for any extra storage equipment, as this is quite enough and handy. While it does its job, it also will not take up too much of the space in your cabinet or your travel bag if you are carrying it with you.


These lockable bags come in various locking options per your preference. The various locking systems available in the range if these bags are:

Standard Keyed Different

Where each bag has a different key not applicable to other bags

Standard Keyed Alike

Where all the bags you order can be managed with a single key

Standard Keyed Master Lock

All bags ordered by you have a separate key but together can be operated by a master key

Combination Lock/ Key Different

When many bags are ordered with different keys but have a master key, yet any individual user can their own personal locking combination

Combination Lock/ Key Alike

Where the bulk of bags have the same key to be operated, but an individual user can put a personal locking combination on their bag.
You may choose any of the above systems for your bag per your convenience, and either of them will serve the same purpose of safely locking away your opioid medications.


If you are someone who likes to keep up with fashions and trends, these bags are a treat when they come with different and vibrant colors per your choice. You can also put in a requirement of a text or a logo on the bags to Cardinal Bag Supplies, and you will get it all adhered to. However, these requirements have a separate flat fee to them per change in the product.


So, you can choose your colors out of the wide variety and add on any extra customization on the bags, and you will get your lockable bags all ready for you.

Cardinal Bag Supplies will bring you the best quality and most efficient Lockable Opioid Bag as a solution to any Opioid Overdose Crisis.

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