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The Ultimate Mail Bags For The Safe Transit Of Your Mails

traveling with lockable document bag

Mailbags are commonly used to collect, carry, and categorize various types of postal material. Their use depends on factors such as priority, mode of transport, and final destination.

The Mailing bags produced by Cardinal Bags Supplies are light, attractive, and waterproof. They are available in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and shapes that are pleasing and eye-catching.

These bags are extremely useful, and thousands of mail-order companies need them every day. Providing unbeatable quality and value, these mailbags are included in the list of the biggest selling items. They are offered at exceptionally low cost and even with discounts at times.

You can even get yourself custom mailbags with a logo or any other feature of your brand. These are the best bags to send items through the post, assuring complete safety. They will suit any product that you want to ship.

What Are Mailing Bags Used For?

Mailing bags are used to keep, carry, and transport different types of products through posts. These bags keep the insider content safe from wear and tear, and so they are recommended to be used when important items have to be shipped from one place to another. They can be used for catalogs and online businesses too.

Transit Mail Bags

They are ideal for items such as:

  • Mail orders
  • Office supplies
  • Art/ Photography items
  • Books
  • Jewelry
  • Letters
  • Magazines
  • Cosmetic products
  • Advertising/ Marketing Materials
  • Uniforms
  • Banking or Financial documents

At Cardinal Bag Supplies, you can get mailing bags in red, black, green, yellow, and other colors. You can put your hands on a color that matches your outfit and boosts your confidence. The bag can carry around 50-60 pounds for you in a way it can carry as many as 200 leaves and a full sheet of copy paper.

The Significance

Do you know that around five million people receive a parcel wrapped in Mail Bags every year? So, it puts some light on their significance. The bags won’t be overtaken by polythene mailing bags or plastic envelopes.

They come with a temporary seal that carries high chances of tampering. This doesn’t make them ideal to be used in mail order and dispatching work.
These Mailbags by Cardinal Bags Suppliers are lightweight, yet strong. You can use them instantly for your dispatch operations. With an array of colors and sizes available, you won’t have any trouble finding the right bag for your business or personal needs.

Here, you get to experience a massive stock at low prices, with exclusive discounts and offers, and instant delivery. So, why not make your dispatch items stand out from the crowd.

Benefits Of Using Mail Bags

  • Mailbags are good for fragile items.
  • You can reuse them a couple of times.
  • They can look casual and professional too. So, they are good for both purposes.
  • They are available in different shapes, sizes, and styles to suit different product needs.
  • They are perfect to be used when you need a slim, small, yet protective packaging product.
  • It keeps your content protected from moisture, chemicals, tearing, tampering, and puncturing.

Factors To Consider While Choosing Mailing Bags

Select the style and size of the mailing bag that best fit and protect your product so that it remains safe.

If you can’t find a mailbag as per your requirements, go for custom mailing bags. Under that, you can get one designed as per your product’s specifications.

  • The bag should be opaque.
  • Think if you need a self-seal or a non-seal mailbag.
  • It should have high seam strength, so it is possible to carry heavy/ bulky objects.
  • It should be ideal for courier companies to ensure smooth dispatch ahead.

Types Of Mailing Bags

There are two types of mailing bags that you can choose from. However, it greatly depends on the type of your product that which one you should choose.

Plastic Mailing Bags

  • Plastic Mailing Bags are used for maximum cost-efficiency.
  • Plastic Mailbags are the most commonly used types of mailing bags.
  • Common sizes in which they are available include- 15×22 cm, 30×40 cm, and 22×30 cm.
  • The bags are made using polyethylene plastic, which is of high-quality. They are tear-resistant and provides full waterproof protection to your items.
  • You can easily write on these bags using markers, pens, and other objects. This is required to address something or write upon the bags.
  • The self-seal bags in their category are good for you to get additional protection.

Paper Mailing Bags

Paper Mailing Bags provides maximum protection to the items that need to be shipped. They are also called as mailing envelopes, as they are quite small in size and resemble an envelope.

  • Paper Mail Bags are created using thin or thick paper.
  • Common sizes in which they are available to include- 90×145 cm, 220 x260 cm, and 350 cm.
  • These bags contain an extra lining for providing additional protection. It could be a bubble or finer padding in the bag.
  • The bags are produced with self-sealing for additional protection.
  • The bags are available in a variety of colors like black, white, red, and so on.

Ideal For Elderly

Mail Bags are good for elderly people who cannot bend down to the floor to pick up the posts. Like I have elders at my home. Now, I don’t have to worry about them bending to pick the posts and hurting themselves during this process. The post is easily collected inside the pouch. It also prevents the chances of posts slipping into here and there on the floor.

Simply, collect the posts in the zip bag and retrieve the contents in it. The bags are available in different sizes, so they can also hold newspapers, magazines, and other little bulky items. They easily fit into that.


Mailbags are an ideal choice to enjoy lightweight, low-cost, and reusable shipping of goods. Choose from a variety of sizes and styles available for purchase at Cardinal Bags Supplies, and take home the best of packaging options. All the bags are of high-quality, and they are made to bear the rigors of the dispatch or shipping process.

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