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What is the Best Fire-Resistant Briefcase Style Bags?

Fire Resistant Briefcase Style Bags Red

Briefcase Style Locking Courier BagsThe transportation, storage and handling of cash and important documents must be done with security in mind. There are a number of threatening elements that can damage and completely destroy cash and important documents. Elements such as weather and theft pose risks that need to be addressed while handling any type of paperwork. But weather and theft are not the only 2 threatening elements to be concerned about. Fire also is a potential threat for businesses that transport, store and handling cash and sensitive paperwork such as property titles and court documents.

One popular solution that business owners use to increase security of their operations concerning the handling of sensitive paper and cash is fire proof bags. Finding the best fire-resistant briefcase style bags is a process that requires identifying what is actually needed, as well as the process of doing research and comparisons. The first aspect to go over is the type of material that is being used for fire resistance. Materials like Denier Nylon 1000 can withstand temperatures up to 2500 degrees F. Sensitive documents and cash can ignite a lower temperature than 2500 degrees. This gives the solutions need to protect against unexpected fires. Fires can happen within an office, warehouse and even during transportation.

Fire resistant storage bags are perfect for any business that stores valuable documents, cash and even checks. Every business is required to have an exit plan during the event of a fire. The escape routes are clearly mapped and it is normal for business to actually practice fire drill to make sure everyone is on the same page as to how to evacuate the building. These evacuation plans do not involve putting fire resistant bags in a safe because there is no time. The point of practicing fire drills is to escape in a short amount of time to save lives. Nobody is practicing putting storage bags in a safe to keep sensitive and valuable materials from being destroyed in the event of a fire. Fire resistant briefcase style bags can withstand extreme temperatures, making them a valuable asset for avoiding fire damage. These bags may be left out during an actual fire and the documents within will remain safe to recovered later. During the transportation of sensitive and valuable documents, accidents can occur. In some cases, accidents will involve a fire if severe. Fire resistant material such as Denier Nylon 1000 protects documents during the event of accidents.

Types of Fire Resistant Bags

  • Document Bags
  • Bank Bags
  • Briefcase Style Bags
  • Courier Bags

Finding the Best fire resistant document bags will be determined by first acknowledging what size, color and lock is needed. A company that deals with a lot of the same size documents need to consider how small or large of a bag they will need. Document bags come in many colors, giving a solution for organizing and store a wide range of documents into groups. In addition to color, document bags can also entail a card holder for labeling contents within the bag, the destination of the bag, or the owner of the bag. Locking bags also provide a few different options such as key locks and combination locks.

While going over the many advantages of storage bags made from fire resistant material, it’s important to realize why many business owners consider this for their bank bags. Bank bags are obviously used to house cash, checks and money orders that need to be kept safe and secure. In fact, bank bags can hold a significant amount of value and investments of a business. The transportation and storage of extreme valuables and investments should always be done in protective bags that have either a key lock or a combination lock. However, a locking mechanism does not protect against a fire. Financial institutions and small business owners storing and transporting cash should always be done in a bag made from fire resistant material such as Denier Nylon 1000.

Briefcase style bags made to withstand the extreme temperatures of fire are also valuable for storage and transportation. In fact, bags with briefcase handles make it extremely easy for transit. The special clear polyurethane back coating not only provides resistance to fires, it is often known for its water repelling features. This is why briefcase style bags are perfect for transporting cash, documents, letters and a wide range of other valuable and sensitive items.

Denier Nylon 1000 isn’t the only type of material that is currently offering a satisfactory level of protection against potential fire hazards. Ballistic weaver with a silica protective liner also keeps documents safe from igniting during a fire. Courier bags are often made from this material as well as Denier Nylon 1000. Both business owners and customers have a peace of mind knowing their valuables are being stored and transferred safely and securely.

Today’s competitive world with increased technology is in no way immune from many potential hazards that can damage and destroy valuable items. Securing investments and being security minded on how valuables should be stored and transported need to be a top priority. Avoiding losses is done by doing a quick rick assessment of potential hazards that can effect any business. Fire is undoubtedly an unexpected event, whether the fire is created on purpose by arson, or whether a random faulty electrical wire decides to ignite an entire office. The best fire-resistant briefcase style bags are affordable, come in a variety of sizes and colors, along with different types of locks. Be sure to go over all the options that are available. Compare, research and write down a list of things that is needed to securely and safely store and transport valuable items like cash and important documents. Find reviews and look up additional information on fire resistant materials. Carrying larger amounts of documents will be easier with briefcase style handles but smaller documents may only require the use of a document bag. These are all aspects to keep in mind while finding the best bags that are fire resistant.

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