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Why Wearing a Washable Face Mask is Important for Preventing COVID-19

washable layered face masks

Wearing a washable face mask is important for providing basic protection and against COVID 19. It also helps keep a possible infected person from spreading the disease. While it does not work as well as medical grade surgical face masks that are fluid-resistant and can filter bacteria, washable masks are a good alternative because medical-grade masks are in short-supply.

A lot of people in progressive countries all over the world wear face mask on daily basis even before COVID-19 hit. People wear face masks to protect themselves from pollution and any harmful elements like flu viruses. Wearing protective mask will also prevent the spread of disease. Many government now mandate wearing at least a washable layered face masks when going outside. Without face mask there is a possibility that you will contract or spread the COVID-19 virus. Mass use of face masks is one of the best ways to control or eliminate cross-contamination between people.

Masks should be worn any time you are outside your home. The mask will serve as shield or barrier against COVID-19 and viral and bacterial particulates in the air. However, one of the main issues is that there are some places where face masks are in short supply. On top of that, using a medical grade face masks which needs to be replaced every 8 hours can get very expensive. For basic protection against COVID-19, washable face masks is the answer. This also means we are not depriving medical personnel access to medical grade face masks that that they need more than the average person. If you are not a medical front-liner, washable face masks will work for you needs.

Cotton is said to be one of the best materials that can be used for washable face mask. Aside from the fact that it is available anywhere it is also breathable and lightweight. Unlike other fabrics, cotton is comfortable to wear and can be washed easily.

Cotton face masks are easy to clean, just follow the instructions below.

How to Wash Reusable Cotton Face Masks

  • Soak the face mask in hot water for 10 minutes. This will help eliminate bacteria, germs or viruses.

  • Use antibacterial soap to wash the mask. If you are using a brush, use a soft bristle brush. This will prevent the fabric from tearing apart. You can also use a soft bristle toothbrush if you can’t find a laundry brush with soft bristles. Make sure to clean both sides of the mask and under the layers.

  • You can also put some drops of disinfectant bleach solution to make sure that the mask is clean. Don’t use concentrated bleach as it might damage the fabric.

  • Rinse the face mask until there is no more soap and bleach.

  • Sun-dry or air-dry the mask before using it again.

The best way to prevent contracting COVID-19 is still to stay home. Only go out for essentials. If you must go out, always wear a face masks. Even just a handmade washable layered face masks is leagues better than going out with no protection at all.

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